5 Sept 2010

Hestia tuts....at Wayne Rooney

Not even your official wallpaper can make you handsome
Oh Wayne, Wayne, Wayne......what have you done this time?!

When are you going to realise that Colleen is probably the only woman on the planet who sleeps with you because she loves you and not because of your massive wallet?

Yet another explosive tabloid prostitute scandal for Mr Rooney and a possible explanation for his abysmal performance at the World Cup in South Africa.

Still at least this one isn't a grand-mother. 

Will Colleen forgive him again?  SHOULD she forgive him again? Is it ever in the public interest to publicise the going-ons of professional footballers private lives?  Is it better that Wayne indulges in a bit of extra-marital sex purely as a financial transaction and not an affair where 'emotions' are involved.

And where Wayne is concerned those quotation marks ARE needed. I'm not sure whether Wayne has emotions, or even  basic brain stem function.
What think you?


  1. Well if you really want to know, I think some grandmothers are OK. I ought to know, I'm married to one.

  2. Grandmothers are BRILLIANT.

    BUT I wouldn't want it splashed all over the tabloids that Tertarus had been 'making the beast with two backs' with one though.

    Ali x

  3. I must admit to being supremely indifferent to Wayne's (and every other "celeb"'s) private life I don't give a flying f*ck who he's shagging and am getting increasingly irritated by the media's muck-raking nastiness, not to mention their determination to derail anyone who stands any chance of doing something useful for this country in sport (or for that matter, politics - What a vindictive non-story the Hague business was!)
    Sorry for the rant, but this sort of thing just gets on my tits :(

  4. ...and I'm not even that interested in football :S

  5. What is it with footballers and prostitutes? Even if their partners don't find out, the News of The World gets them nearly every time. I'd sling him out! xx

  6. Coleen should leave him, for a day or so I thought she might and I am quite disappointed that she hasn't.

    I am one of the you-don't-need-to-put-up-with-all-that-crap brigade for sure.....Cheryl was right to leave that slimeball Ashley, not that they ever seemed to spend much time together anyway.

    Women used to stay with men because they had to financially....Coleen and Cheryl have careers of their own so they have no excuse.

    Dump him Coleen..there are bound to be others that you don't even know about.

    These stories drive me mad....can you tell?!



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