11 Sept 2010

Hestia covets.....

The Throgmorton - I wants it BAD
......The Throgmorton ladies watch.

I don't tend to wear a watch, preferring instead to rely on clocks around the house if I need to get anywhere.  And let's face it, I don't go anywhere!

My last surviving watch gave up the ghost after I accidentally smashed the crystal glass whilst working in the garden.

Juno gave me instructions earlier this year that I *needed* to get a watch and that she would spring for one as a birthday gift.

I perused page after page of watches - all nice in their own way, but nothing that really struck me as MINE.  Then THIS one caught my eye.

It's made by J & T Windmills of London and is just what I'm looking for in a watch.

The blurb on the Windmills site says:

Ladies sterling silver mechanical watch featuring an original Windmills lantern clock dial with key elements including highly detailed clock hands and roman numerals. A sapphire glassed front completes the case.
Made in London, England with a Swiss hand-wound mechanical movement and finished with an articulated black leather strap. All mechanical watches in the range enjoy the slightly eccentric offset crown and every model carries a Windmills hallmark and an individually numbered, floral engraved case back.

Key features:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Made in England
  • Individually Numbered
  • Hallmarked
  • Sapphire Glass
Sadly, the price made Juno a bit dizzy and, much as she loves me, I was instructed to rethink my watch wish list and select something around the £50 mark.

The Throgmorton is £395.00......

From time to time I visit the site and lust after it - the roman numerals, the silver finish, the off-set winding bezel...  I still feel that one day, this watch will be mine ;-).  

Today while I was rootling around the intertubes looking for a decent picture of it (impossible! - J&T Windmills, you should at least allow someone a decent sized jpg - a blog with greater influence than mine might actually help you sell a Throggy) I noticed that it CAN be purchased from some internet suppliers for £325.00.  Unfortunately, that's still quite a bit out of of my league.

I had suggested to Tertarus that if he bought me this watch, I'd be VERY pleased.  But when he saw that it was a wind up - he just laughed in my face.  Then I told him the price and he laughed his way over to the computer and switched it off.....

But a cat can look at a queen.....

PS - I have no idea why it's all gone into double spacing...I can't seem to fix it either!

See you tomorrow - hope you're all having a wonderful weekend ;-)


  1. Hi there-ooh fabulous choice, a real style investment timepiece!! have a great weekend! x

  2. Dear Ali, I like it, it's really unusual and I like the Victorian design. Can't you persuade Tertarus to buy it for you for Christmas? I think it's a good price for a proper watch and I agree with Sharon, it's an investment.

    I don't wear a watch either. I covet an old men's Rolex but sadly the ones I like are way out my price range... about £4000! As my dad always says I have "Champagne taste on ginger beer money!" I'll stick to telling the time on my phone and the Sky+ for now. Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  3. That is a perfect watch! I too am now drooling over it!

    (I am posting this from my swanky new phone, are you proud?)

  4. Ladies - I've decided to just bloomin' well buy it for myself! I've got some money coming to me for fees for website design and that, together with some carefully pilfered money out of the house-keeping *sssshhhhhhh don't tell Tertarus* means that it should be mine within the next month.

    Am gutted that J&T Windmills haven't immediately been in touch to offer me one at a discounted price because of my ace recommendation though...LMAO!

    Ali xxx

  5. Ali,
    Great decision. I love the watch.




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