24 Mar 2014

Hestia and Nero

We have been jolly adventurous with our big greyhound and taking him to the beach twice a week. We go when the weather is not so wonderful, to minimise the number of dawgies that we might run into.

I don't think he's got an aggressive bone in his body - he's a runner, not a fighter.  Although if you are a Yorkshire Terrier, he might just eat you....

Anyway, here we are at the beach:


Sorry about this not being an embedded video, but living on an island where the internet is still cranked up by hand (ie sloooooooooow) I couldn't face another 45 minutes to upload the film!

Hope you enjoy it - and sorry about the wind noise.  It was blowing a gale at the time!


Sitting in bed with Tartarus having a cup of tea on Sunday morning.  I am singing along to a tune on the radio.

Me (with pride) :  Frank (my long-suffering music teacher) says that I have a very musical ear.

Tartarus:  What, just the one?

*no longer puffed up with pride*

How was your weekend?!

8 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor - Day 7: What was it allllll about?

Can it really only have been 7 days ago that I foolishly decided to do a daily blog about bringing out my inner Elizabeth Taylor?  That Buzzfeed quiz took over my life.....

I had hoped that Thursday would be my 'Martha' day from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' but I had too much to do after Tartarus got home on Wednesday.

Oh and about that - I turned up to pick him up with all the makeup and bling on and he ACTUALLY MENTIONED Elizabeth Taylor.  My heart soared - maybe I was morphing into her after all!!

But then he said that he had been reading my facebook posts, so he knew what I was up to.

Well, that's a bit more like it then.

5 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor: Day 6 - Husbands!

Elizabeth Taylor's love life is the stuff of legend - death, divorce, adultery - all seen through the lens of a newly born media merry-go-round.

And mine is exactly the same - apart from the death, adultery and celebrity.

There's a lot to get through - shall we just dive in?

4 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor.....Day 5: Career

I'm not about to pretend that every frame she shot was stuffed full of significance and quality, but I've jumped into her imdb page and perused her entire Filmography.  Did you know that she managed to punt out about two movies or screen performances a year right up until the late 1980s? She's got the longevity of Kevin the Pain Au Chocolat, no?

IMDb also lists 43 award wins and 18 award nominations - three of those were academy awards, or Oscars :-)

With an enormous list of movies to choose from, I've selected only

3 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor: Day 4: Causes

Elizabeth once quipped that some of her finest leading men had been horses and dogs and it was no idle joke - National Velvet and Lassie Come Home confirmed her money-making abilities for the studios and secured her youthful place in the glittery Hollywood firmament.

She adored animals - even as a small child she had ponies, chickens and dogs and fellow actors recall her turning up on set as a youngster with squirrels, dogs and all sorts of pets.

Although the pets on set stuff stopped as she matured into a shapely teenager, she continued to support animals in crisis and she became a patron of Dogs Deserve Better - a charity the rescues chained dogs and gives them a better life.

Elizabeth had converted to Judaism on her marriage to Eddie Fisher and continued to support Israeli causes throughout her life.  In fact, when the airline hijack took place at Entebbe Airport in 1976, she

2 Mar 2014

Hestia is.... Elizabeth Taylor: Day 3: Hair, Hats and Wigs

Farking TWINS we are
 It can't have been easy, being the most beautiful woman on the planet.  People expect you to look fabulous all the time.  Even when your husband has been killed in a plane crash (Mike Todd) or you are caught having a Weekend Away with your bestie's hubby (Eddie Fisher).

I don't know how long it took ET to get herself ready to face the day, but it's 11.15am and I've had to send Sonshine out for the Sunday papers and take the dog a walk because it's taking me so long to get my inner Liz fluffed up and ready for the day.

1 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor.... Day 2: Bling

Today's Elizabeth Taylor challenge is to wear Big Jewellery.

One might only remember the names of less than a handful of her movies, but we ALL remember the jewellery, right?

When her jewellery was auctioned at Christies, it raised a staggering £100,324,209.  The woman might have had dubious taste in men, but her taste in gems was unsurpassed.

Today's challenge will be tricky because I'm fresh out of plate-glass-shattering diamonds and mahoosive pearls that could sink The Bismarck. I do not own anything remotely approaching the Taylor Burton diamond.  

But I DO shop at QVC.....

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