8 Sept 2010

Hestia and .....the goddamned fashion wilderness

Hestia in the fashion desert

My friend The Vet is getting married in October and my good Monsoon frock is getting its third outing.

I got a couple of years ago for a friend's wedding.  Since then it's been worn to another wedding (well, entirely different set of folks - they weren't to know that it was bought for another gig) and this lot of reprobates won't know that it's not brand new either.  They'll be drunk.

The Mad Woman from Kilmarnock and I are playing Hugely Important Parts - I'm a Witness (makes me sound all Crown Court) and TMWFK is to do a reading.

There is a MAD panic on at the moment because we've just found out that we are to carry some kind of flowery thing.  The colours will be burnt orange (not peach!), cream and lots of greenery. 

My frock is ok with these colours, but TMWFK needs to get her paws on a different frock.  Unfortunately, she looks like death warmed up in anything with an orange cast (apparently does something vile with her freckles - so she says.  I've never seen her in anything other than BEIGE myself).

So she's looking for a green dress for the wedding - so that we have some sort of consistent look.  Nothing too fancy.  Nothing too body con - she's over 50 (but don't tell her I told you).

I've spent the last hour and a half trawling the intertubes looking for potential frocks for her and *falls to knees in parched and desperate manner of Sylvia Simms in Ice Cold In Alex* I need help.  Oh God, I need help.  My eyes are watering after all this internet trawling and I'm no further forwards......Green is SO not in this AW10, that is for SURE!

Since my only connection with fashion to date has been watching Ben Stiller in Zoolander, can anyone point me in the direction of nice frocks, hopefully green?

Am off to The Glasgow Boys Exhibition tomorrow, so won't be around - but any help offered, v gratefully received.


  1. < aghast > she CAN'T wear green to a wedding, do you Scotch heathens know nothing ?? :-D

  2. I quite like this but it might be too casual/the wrong shade of green


    If you are after a darker green there is this, which could be accessorized with a nice cardigan (yummy cardigan and black opaques)


    There are also some on Monsoon which are more maxi dresses. I don't know the budget so have just found some stuff. Not very useful but I hope it helps!

  3. I haven't had..much internet time this week but I will browse .. what price range and size? xx

  4. Sorry but this is way out of my area of expertise!

  5. Teal rather than green...



  6. Maybe a trip to Sherwood Forest is needed.

  7. Legend - if she thought she could get away with a bow and arrow and green tights, she'd probably try it!

    Ania - will check out those links, teal sounds good to me.

    NS - me toooooo!

    Wildernesschic - she's about a 16, larger in the hip department than the bosom department, I suppose. Nice legs ;-) Any suggestions welcome!

    Siobhan - again, will check out these links today - thank you.

    Viv - how not???? What's the problem with green when you're attending a wedding? Is this some weird Norfolkian custom??

    Ali x

  8. I'm useless in this department and can't help at all. I just wanted to say, I hate shopping wedding outfits. You get an idea in your head of the perfect ensemble and of course it's always impossible to find it. As soon as said occasion is over you'll find the item everywhere. I look forward to the shops being flooded with green dresses shortly!

  9. I live in Suffolk. Not Norfolk. I am not a born native of either county. You cannot wear green to a wedding because it is bad luck.

  10. Viv - pedant ;-) I've found folklore stuff about the poor marital outlook if you are a BRIDE in green, but not guests.

    Actually, TMWFK had a beeeeyoooootiful green frock for her own wedding. Still happily married ;-)

    MB - I know! Nightmare looming I suspect. At least I've got a few directions that we can head off in now though :-)

  11. Dear Ali, very funny post. What colour is your dress?

    I was going to suggest a green dress I saw on Kate's blog which is from Boden. Isabella Oliver might have something, they were doing some pieces in emerald green.

    If I can lend you anything, let me know xx

  12. Christina - thank you - think you might be more slender than my friend is, but I've got some leads to head off in now.

    Which is more than I had before I started ;-)

    Ali xxxxx


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