15 Sept 2010

Hestia and ...the frabjous day!

Hestia and the ironing monster
Callooh! Callay!  Tis truly a frabjous day in the land of Hestia!

I have a monster mountain of ironing that needs slaying and I CAN'T DO IT!

Yessiree - yesterday  my vorpal blade (ie the iron) threw its hand in and promptly tripped the main circuit breaker every time I tried to iron something.  Three times the power went down!

The final time was when my beamish boy was doing something on the mac with a binweevil or some such social networking crap for under 12s.  He called upstairs to me 'You need to stop doing the housework - the electricity doesn't like it!'

And who is to argue with either a grumpy beamish boy or the Bandersnatch that is Electricity?

Yes, I know that the FIRST thing that I should have done this morning is nip out and buy a new iron, but, well, I need to do a LOT of research into WHICH iron is going to best meet our needs.  That should take me at least until the weekend!

Frabjous day! NO IRONING CAN BE DONE!!  I may go outside and check that there is plenty of mimsy in my borogroves.  Or maybe I'll just sit down with a cup of tea and read a book.

*skips off*


  1. frabjous indeed. My ironing implement has a big sticky patch in the middle which transfers vague stickiness to everything I iron. It has been this way now for six years so you'd think it would have run out of stickiness by now - but no.
    Glad to hear someone is having a good day as mine sucks loudly on all counts. Might go and do some ironing to cheer up actually.

  2. love the sound of the word frabjous!

  3. A suggestion on how to have a frabjous day everyday: don't bother with a new iron. I've lived without for several years now, and don't miss it at all :-) Even my OH's shirts are Ok so long as they're shaken out and hung as soon as they come out of the machine ;-D

  4. Hi there-sounds like the iron did you a favour, lol!! I too need to invest in a decent iron and get the mountain to a size of a molehill-I live in hope though!!

  5. Changing the beds is my nightmare King size duvet and sheets x3 and 24 pillow cases all egyptian cotton to iron.. How do I do it?
    I put on an audio book or a radio 4 play and loose myself for an hour .. Good luck xx

  6. Hurrah! I pretty much just don't iron, so welcome to my world! X

  7. Take a leaf out of my better half's book. Get Tertarus to do it. I bet he'd look sweet with a big crease down the front of his bike leathers

  8. Get this one- not cheap, but cuts the ironing time in half:

  9. Dear Ali, sorry I haven't visited for a few days. I've just realised I've missed three posts! I shall be catching up at my leisure tomorrow. I hope you're having a wonderful week xxx

  10. I loved this post and all the wonderland language.

    My answer to this problem is... I have never or will NEVER own an iron (or an ironing board, obviously).

    I ironed a boyfriend's shirt when I was fifteen and made such a pigs ear of it it was ruined. Thankfully I've never been asked again. I can't do anything with cuffs, collars or buttons. I can however do pillowcases and tea towels! Not that I do of course.

    Ruth OMG! I could do king size duvet covers! I hang mine out very carefully and they don't crease, ditto with washing - stick it straight on a hanger perfectly and it'll be fine. Anything else pop it down the dry cleaners. Job done.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hope to speak to you very soon. This week's been manic! Good though xxx

  11. I know this is going to sound wrong, but I do like ironing, but the conditions have to be right - it has to be a dark dingy day (if the sun is shining I want to be out in it) and I have to have something good on Sky planner - my favourite would be Desparate Housewives (I can sometimes get through two hours of telly whilst ironing), and sadly I can recommend an iron - according to my off-spring who always bring creased clothes home with them, our iron is the best - it is a Philips Azur Precise 4340 - it's not one of those with the huge tank either and wasn't too expensive - ashamed really to be pushing an iron on such a great blog xx


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