16 Jun 2015

Hestia... #FAIL

Yesterday, Monday,  I had a lot of very fine intentions which all went to pot as I hovered over the computer awaiting a client's e-book to go live so that I could get the tweeting scheduled and be on hand to help iron out any glitches.

Which meant that I was never more than 30 minutes away from the computer.

Which is not conducive to anything particularly creative.  Although I was, I think, useful as far as the book is concerned - which makes the #fail a bit more bearable.

But only just.   So, there you go - yesterday (Day 12) I failed :-D

15 Jun 2015

Hestia's Creative Weekend

I find that gin also helps ....
Creative Day 9

So, it was all going swimmingly on Friday - did my creative burst in the garden with some plants and then settled down to make Gnocchi for dinner.

And then our burglar alarm went off....

Reader, I would like to tell you that it was a minor blip in a lovely day, but it took up the whole of Friday evening to try to get it sorted out.  And I discovered one thing - there is no Emergency Weekend Electrician service on the island.

With some judicious turning off and on at the mains, we managed to get the chirruping in the house to stop.  Eventually. Which was great.  But the outside light was strobing.  Not so great for the neighbours - but hey, I phoned EVERYONE that I could think of, even the local cop shop and no one could help me.  So we all slept in Studio 54 ;-D

11 Jun 2015

Hestia's ... Creative story so far

But what if being in it with all your heart,
just isn't good enough?!
I've managed to be creative for a whole week.  It's not been a complete success.....well, it's not been ANY sort of success, truthfully, but I HAVE learned that the point of doing something creative is not the end result - it's the PROCESS.

I suppose that realisation is a success, of a sort.

10 Jun 2015

Hestia's ....Creative Day 6 and 7

I didn't forget to do something yesterday, I made a meme - using a photo of my very own.  And that's it there, off to the left.  I know.  I'm hardly going to give Grayson Perry any sleepless nights, right?

But I have not been idle, believe me!

I have been to the library to Get More Inspiration. Here we have Viv Westwood, Grayson Perry and Georgia O'Keeffe.

9 Jun 2015

Hestia's ... Creative Day 5

Yesterday I was off island at my friend's father's funeral.  Well, it was a cremation, actually.  It was a humanist service and really very beautiful.  I usually emerge from funeral services like a wrung out rag with eyes like piss-holes in the snow, but today it was really uplifting - a celebration of his life.

I did get weepy when my friend's daughter, who's only just into her teens, started talking about her grampa and only managed a few lines before breaking down.  But she regained her composure and not only finished

8 Jun 2015

Hestia's Creative Day 3 & 4

So the weekend of the water colour arrives...

I find this lovely quote from Pablo Picasso in my book of quotes..

Dearest Pablo, you should have been here at the weekend, it was torrential rain that was washing away the dust of everyday life.  My soul has shrunk, as if it's been in a boil wash.

So to the watercolour attempt ....

6 Jun 2015

Hestia .... Creative Day 2

Friday started off completely miserable weather-wise.

So, I did too.

I dragged a very reluctant Nero out for a walk.  He padded along beside me, every fibre of his being screaming:  'Turn back! Turn back! This is no place for a dog with no body fat!! I want my breakfast, you sadistic, mad middle-aged THING.'

I, of course, was not listening to his fibres.

5 Jun 2015

Hestia tries ....being creative Day 1

Shutterstock :)
I know that I spend WAY too much time on Facebook.  Like any addict, I can actually feel my skin getting itchy after a few hours, but I still sit there, basking in the blue glow of the screen and dabbing at my dry/watering eyes.

Some days - and this is without a word of a lie - I can kiss Sonshine goodbye and the first time that I stir creakily from my seat is when I answer the bell at the front door that heralds his return from school, many hours later.

It's not good is it?

1 Jun 2015

Hestia is ... glad she grew up in the 70s

So, have you ever googled yourself?

My real name brings up a whole load of other namesakes, most of whom look like very interesting women, it has to be said.  One is determined to overlook the hideous folk song however....

Anyhoo, I googled my blog alter-ego, Hestia, and OMG (as the kids say!) it brought up this....

This is Hestia, apparently.  I know.  It's so NOT me.

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