28 Feb 2014

Hestia is.... Elizabeth Taylor: Day 1

So, it's like this.  I did one of those sanity-shredding quizzes that Buzzfeed pops onto facebook - Which Movie Star are you?  I secretly hoped for Jayne Russell - you know..... the smoulder, the bosoms, the smart line in patter.

How I got Elizabeth Taylor I'll never know.  As far as I know it was all diamonds, empty whisky bottles, Richard Burton and marvellous wigs.

So I have decided to live my inner Elizabeth Taylor for a week.  Liver failure notwithstanding.

27 Feb 2014

Hestia is...never googling herself again

NEVER Google yourself, dagnabbit!!

And if the accent is too impenetrable for you on THAT one,
here's Steeleye Span.  With Lyrics.

I'd much rather be a recalcitrant domestic goddess than the ugly old witch.
I'll ask Tartarus and Sonshine what they think.

On the up side:  I has a SONG WITH MY NAME ON IT!!!!

I am also a film director AND a director of Sport.

There is more chance of hell freezing over than me being associated with anything sporty.
Other than Spice.

What do you get when you self-google?!

26 Feb 2014

Hestia's New Squeeze - Tom Hiddleston

All other Favourite Men lists are temporarily suspended while I indulge my addiction to the divine Tom Hiddleston:

I first fell in love with Mr H in his role as Captain Nicholls in War Horse.  Only watch the next clip if you've seen it before.  And make sure you have a hankie ready - all that golden corn, all those young men.  What a waste of a generation.  But the movie also had another darling in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.  I seem to be moving towards the slightly slighter gentleman as I am 'maturing'......

Anyway, to more upbeat roles.  He is the scene-stealing slightly fey Loki in the Marvell Avengers series.  Makes his brother Thor look like an utter twat, imo.

Here he is being Loki, but with the kids from Comedy Central:

And here he is being a baddy in the Jaguar advert (oh, be still, my beating heart!)

But he does very serious stuffs too - Coriolanus (I think I might faint clean away if I ever get to see this)

So - go on, share! Who is your current favourite squeeze on screen?

9 Feb 2014

Hestia and Some Blummin Awkward Shapes

No, dear Reader, I have not taken up interpretative dance and tried to throw a few shapes on the dance floor.  I have been at a day-long workshop on Cutting Awkward Shapes in glass and it was fantastic.

There was minimal use of elastoplasts.

Very little swearing.


3 Feb 2014

Hestia and the mystery of the disappearing bag....

It's hardly Louis Vuitton is it?
So, every day Nero and I trot out to do our two miles through the increasingly sodden, but undoubtedly Spring-like, woods. There is a great deal of talking aloud and sometimes the frantic sloshing of me clearing blocked culverts with my wellies.

There are ALWAYS poop bags.

These are actually nappy bags.  We abandoned the dog-poop bags (in Opaque Racing Black) when we realised that it was two quid for 50 dog bags or 99p for 250 from Semi-Chem.

Granted the nappy bags are peach-coloured and peach-scented and semi-opaque which is pretty gross, but I am £1.00 up on the deal so I can cope with hints of dog shit shapes through the plastic.

Anyhoo, the most peculiar thing has been happening....

...come closer

*conspiratorial stage whisper*

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