27 Jan 2011

Hestia and....... the SECC Carnival

I've been to Blackpool. Twice. And loved its bawdy hands-on-hips attitude to its visitors.  We took Sonshine to the Pleasure Beach both times and we have extended our Bravery Repetoire by at least one stomach-churning ride.

We were in Glasgow at the beginning of January (yep - a Staycation) and Tertarus thought that it would be a Good Thing to go to the Kelvinhall Carnival.  Well, that's what it used to be called.  Now it's the SECC Carnival. The same thing only with a different frock on.

Here is Tertarus and Sonshine on the Ghost Train:

26 Jan 2011

Hestia and..........The Accounts Part 1

It's not that I'm NO good with money (I can spend it with the best of them) but it has to be said, numbers are not my forte.  Or even my fifty.

10 Jan 2011

Hestia and........ Biba

Miss Mansfield - never knowingly underdressed
And so it came to pass that my Day Carer and I took a day's shopping pass in Glasgow while our partners (and Sonshine) whiled away a happy few hours in the Creche on Great Western Road (aka  Hein Gericke, Ducati, Maplin and, erm, Machine Mart).

I knew exactly the place I wanted to go - Nirvana:  Biba in Frasers.

4 Jan 2011

Hestia and ...the carol concert that never was

Oh how I practised and practised for the Carol Concert! And  Long-Suffering Frank provided me with a repetoire of Christmas tunes that would have made the sainted Val Doonican weep with desire.

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