9 Feb 2016

Flowers for Bees | Horologium Florae

Plant these to ensure that all the bees in your garden have something delicious to dine on.

Won't it be nice to just leave buttercups in situ and know that you are actually helping save the bees, rather than your neighbours thinking that you are just too lazy to weed?

And 'cilantro' is what we call coriander.  I don't know why.  If anyone does, let me know.  It's like us calling a pineapple a pineapple and the rest of the world calling it some version of 'ananas'.....

If you're not keen on some of these flowers, here are some tips from the top (ie the folks at Gardeners' World) on the sort of plants that bees like:

Single flowers are preferred (maybe easier for them to get at the good stuff)

Apparently their little bee radar is best with PURPLE flowers 

And they are also a big fan of the tubular shaped flower (foxgloves)

Bear those three things in mind and your garden will soon be heaving with the little blighters and you will, in all honesty, be saving the world!

I am also enamoured with the idea of a flower clock, or Horologium Florae But since we never get any sun in Scotland, I would never know the time. BUT, if you live in sunnier climes and want to give it a go. 

Here's a graphic:

And a link to an interesting article in the New York Times 

Wouldn't that make a splendid jigsaw? 

8 Feb 2016

Style - I've got it. Sort of.

Before you jump to conclusions, I haven't had a personality transplant and started swanning round the rain-lashed streets in spindle-heeled pink chiffon Louboutins.  No, I am, in fact, in possession of The Sunday Times Style section:

Allow me to share the adverts that caught my eye this week:

I am strangely taken by the Balenciaga advert of two young sleepers, dozing in their underwear after a hard night of modelling.  I fondly hope that the one who has been subject to a frenzied biro pen attack has not got any on the 'spensive sofa.  But then, if your dad is Lenny Kravitz, I'm sure that you don't care.

Onwards to Versace:

Here we see the value of that old Billy Connelly adage: 'There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes' as two impossibly swooshy-haired models stand on a snowy slope in tiny black leather outfits, bare legs and high heels.  I would not say no to that handbag though.

Then to Moschino:

This is Linda Evangelista. Modelling toilet/glass cleaner.

Jimmy Choo, famous for SHOES, has a model who looks like she's snogging a hand-grenade instead of a perfume bottle.  I cannot find an image of this advert on line, so am not scanning it in in case there is a reason why it's not on the internets.  But come ON, I want to see SHOES in my Jimmy Choo advert.

Oh wait, there ARE shoes, and LEGS but wrapped around Kit Harrington in the gents' fragrance campaign.  Which was in last week's Style.  Let me share it with you:

It's not even called a gents' fragrance, but MAN. Hence the legs, the leather and the bearded hottie, I suppose.  He does scrub up well, doesn't he?

So concludes my roundup of the ads :)

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