24 Feb 2012

Hestia...has a #brainfail

I went to the supermarket and then the fish shop. Bought some fish, came home.

My hands were freezing and JUST as I wondered why I hadn't put my gloves on when I left the house......I remembered: I hadn't needed gloves when I left the house BECAUSE I'D TAKEN THE GODDAMNED CAR....

Yes. I left the car in the supermarket car park.

Is it just me?

21 Feb 2012

Hestia....tells a yellow tale

Spot the sparrow
So, I am just off the phone to Juno, my mother.  And she told me this tale which I am sharing with you: may it brighten your day.

Juno's friend, let's call her Artemis, was whisked away on holiday to the Canary Islands by her husband after getting her eyes lasered.  She was feeling a bit tender and sorry for herself, but was soon thrilled by the brilliance of the local bird life, and she took to sitting on her balcony watching their brightly coloured flashes whizzing past.

18 Feb 2012

Hestia...tries a spot of baking

I spotted this Claudia Roden recipe over at Faux Fuchsia's place.  She's so together and tidy and gorgeous and funny and effortlessly well-groomed and posts the most lovely food photos of her creations too.  I thought I'd give it a go, and hoped that some of Faux's magic would rub off on me.

Stop laughing at the back there.....

I began one Monday morning, looking out all the ingredients, carefully buttering the cake tin and even cutting a greaseproof paper circle to fit in the bottom....and set to, all the while listening to Radio 2 and pretending that I was a Real Grown Up.  I was wearing make up and perfume and nice trousers.  I hope you're impressed.

13 Feb 2012

Hestia and The Valentines Day Card Massacre

Dear Reader - we have an update on the Valentine's Day Card position, people - SONSHINE HAS RECEIVED A VALENTINE!!!!

It arrived in the post on Saturday morning and to say that he's ecstatic is really playing it down.  He's SO excited.

Who could it be from?

Swear to God it's not from me.  Nor his gran.  *crosses heart, looks sincere*

7 Feb 2012

Hestia and Sonshine

So - let's begin with the latest on Clean Amy.  After a vague flurry of semi-interest (ie her friend looked at him.  Or possibly at his friend, we're not sure) Clean Amy has not shown any interest in Sonshine at all.

But Valentine's Day will be upon us and I can't bear the thought of him not getting a card.  He's never had a card, but this will be the first year that he'll REALISE he hasn't had a card.  I am torn.  Should I send him one myself?!

If there is one thing worse than not getting a Valentine Card, it must be realising that the one you did get was actually from your mother....

5 Feb 2012

Hestia's.....knitting projekt is FINISHED

So, it came to pass that I was given Glamour Knits by Erika Knight as a Christmas present.  Given that I never seem to finish ANY craft projects, I suspect that this gift was given in Hope more than Expectation.

My knitting chums are not easily deterred though, and before I knew where I was, wool was selected, the number of balls specified, new knitting needles purchased and I BEGAN to knit!!!!

Sure, there were a couple of false starts - mainly caused by the fact that I need grammatically correct and properly punctuated knitting patterns or else I just interpret it, in the manner of modern dance.

Above is my first picture - dated 15 January - that shows my initial efforts.  Oh yes, I also discovered that I don't actually KNOW how to knit properly.  I was taught to knit as a shiny-faced primary-schooler by Auntie Chrissie who helped me ingest several packets of Capstan Full Strength as she patiently tried to show a left-handed person how to knit.  Clearly I didn't take it all in.

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