25 Sept 2010

Hestia and...the fashion blog tag

Blessed with a very quirky sense of humour, Christina Lindsay over at Fashion's Most Wanted included Hestia's Larder in her Fashion Blog tag. To be mentioned in the same breath as all those wonderful clothes/fashion bloggers by the gorgeous Christina is a bit daunting, but *pulls up her Big Girl Pants* I LIKES a challenge!

So - here goes.  I was nominated by Christina and if you have the tiniest glimmer of interest in fashion, I would urge you to get over to Fashion's Most Wanted.  Not only blessed with a fabulous address book crammed with well-known names, she has a wardrobe to DIE FOR.  Quite why she has nominated me for the fashion tag is anyone's guess......

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
The one accessory that I NEVER leave home without is a packet of paper hankies: there's always a snotty nose needing wiped.  Admittedly, that's not exactly a fashion accessory so, after much pondering, I'd say SHOES/BOOTS. If I can get mobilised, I'll take a picture of my favourites for you.  I bet you can't wait.

Who's your fashion role model?
Matt Baker on Country File.   (pic of MB) No, he's not really, but I've decided that he IS the person that I probably most resemble on a day to day basis.  Possibly not now that he's in Strictly, mind you.  Even HE will be wearing more glamorous clothes than me......  I should perhaps aim, at least, for Julia Bradbury instead?

I am VERY keen on Dita Von Teese.  I love the clothes she wears and admire her so much for NEVER being snapped by the paps looking anything but elegant and flawless.  In my head, when I try on new clothes, It's always Dita that I hope to turn round and see one day in the mirror. It never is.  It's honestly Matt Baker.

I bet you Dita even does the ironing in vintage Dior.....

What do you always carry with you?
Sanitary towels and paper hankies.  What? Not very glamorous?  Right....*racks brain*......my Oberon organiser and address book.  I have to laugh.  Every year I buy in (from the US) a replacement organiser insert.  Every year when I come to throw out the previous one, it's utterly blank. Still, I do use the address book bit - and it IS a very pretty thing to own. It makes me happy to see it.

How would you describe your style?
I honestly don't think my style's got a name.  I transcend labels.  If pressed, I'd say that I'm Pre-Gok.

What's your favourite - jeans, sunglasses or heels?
Although I wear jeans or trousers just about every day, that's more about comfort than style.  You'd really have to see the state of my jeans to appreciate that. Honestly, I would have to say heels.  I have always loved high heels and even now, not 'working', I refuse to throw them out, even if I'm not wearing them.

I have no need of sunglasses. I live in Scotland.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I don't really.  But when I do, it has to be because I love reading Christina's blog and that spilled over into discovering other people's fashion blogs.  Until I met her, I thought AW10 was a London post code. I guess that because I always try to leave a comment on those fashion blogs, I guess I fooled Christina into thinking that I have some kind of fashion DNA in there.....somewhere!

What is your favourite fashion store?
Are you kidding?  We've got The Factory Shop and a little boutique (which actually sells quite nice things, to be fair).  I love going into Monsoon and wishing that I'd the kind of live that allowed me to wear floaty silk frocks all day.  I guess that it's probably John Lewis in Glasgow - because it's got lots of concessions in it - Kaliko, Coast and what not.  Honestly? I get terribly intimidated by clothes shops and frequently come home without buying anything and feeling absolutely shit about myself. 

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Anything that doesn't need dry cleaned.  No-one does dry-cleaning on the island, so you need to take your stuff to the laundrette and they take it over to the mainland once a week. If you time this wrong, it can take a fortnight to get your trousers dry-cleaned.  I frequently just go manky rather than be without something for so long.

I'm afraid that I am very practical when it comes to fabric - I'm the sort of person that squeezes clothes on the hanger to see if they crumple.  I can't abide anything crumply - I don't need MATERIAL to let me down like that.  Dita would NEVER do crumpled.

Who are your favourite designers?
Designer clothing doesn't matter in my life:   That's not to say that I don't respect them and appreciate what they do AND what they contribute to the economy.  Lots of people mock the seriousness that many regard fashion, but let's be honest here - Britain has no manufacturing base any more.  The one thing that we can still lead the world in is fashion.  It must be worth a goodly wodge of the British Economy.  So I don't laugh at the spectacular creations that come down the catwalk.  I know that one day, some diluted form of that weird outfit will be whizzing out of New Look and keeping people in jobs.

Hmmm - who do I love? I love Vivienne Westwood.  No idea why.  I just do.  I'd look like I slept in doorways if I wore  in her clothes though.  I also love Mrs Jones for theatre and spectacle.  And I must confess that I harbour a longing for this chicken feather cape thing.  That would look GREAT in the Co-op!

Who or what inspires your style?
Style? What style?

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could? 
I've got a sewing machine, but I can only do straight lines on fabric that has got some kind of guide line (like gingham or stripes!).  Making curtains is a chore for me.  I can make one, beautifully, but the second never looks exactly like the first.  So I'd say that I'd need to buy it - or else I'd never be able to wear it.  Or even finish it probably.

I'm not sure who I should pass this on to as I'm not terribly successful at passing on tags and the majority of people that I'd tag are already tagged by Christina!  I'll have a think and then add some people in later!

Ali x


  1. Ali, i think you are more glam than you think. Also, your answers made me smile. I loved Dita too, but no person with a normall life can go around like that all day.

    I have the fortune and misfortune to have lovely, pretty freinds in Dundee. The misfortune part is that they all look v stylish all the time, making one feel a bit frumpy!

  2. Dita is so better off without Mr Manson - I love the both of them, but frowned deeply (not a good look) when I read that she'd trundled round supporting him on tours, but he couldn't be arsed to reciprocate... and I got far too sidetracked by seeing Pete Burns spending £937 in Vivienne Westwood last month to take much notice of the stock...

  3. I laughed so hard and so loudly at your Matt Baker comment that my son came running in to see what was up - and that's saying something given the noise he was making at the time :)

    Until I saw him in the Strictly line up for this year, I'd never even heard of him!! I get obsessed with Strictly every year despite vowing not to.....when I watch Matt now, it'll be you I'll be thinking of :)

    Ah, the glamour of Dita, she is amazing.

    Brilliant post Ali, very very funny....am sure Christina will love it!!

    Happy Saturday :)

    PS Did you get the window sorted out? And the butter cleaned off? ;) Hope so!

  4. "If pressed, I'd say that I'm Pre-Gok."

    Teeheehee. I am sure that isn't true, but it made me laugh. I agree about most clothes shops, they make me feel like shit too - and I love fashion and clothes, so what they are doing wrong I don't know. Doesn't help when the assistants are snooty size -100 13 year olds!

  5. Ali you are priceless! Your posts always make me laugh.

    Agree with you about Dita, she is fabulous and you should check out the sales assistants in Paris...beyond snotty! I have Matt Baker day's too, although the general fashion in our village is a floral housecoat teamed with white farm wellies and a lot of facial hair growth! I worry I might wake up one morning and have turned into one, a bit like stepford wives in reverse!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hello! Nice to meet you via Christina. Your bio made me laugh - I do love a bit of Warburton's bread! Can't buy it so readily in London, I'm from Yorkshire, originally. Love your answers, pre-Gok - I hear that. LOL! x

  7. Dear Ali, I love it. Yes Simone and Margaret are right I laughed out loud at Matt Baker and Pre-Gok!

    Do you really not need sunglasses in Scotland? Or am I being thick?

    Thanks for doing that and cheering up my Saturday afternooon (in bed. Again). Love you Ali xx

  8. I can always rely on you for a good ole laugh.Im inclined to think that you are a lot more stylish than you are letting on, I too read the fashion blogs and am in the wilderness fashion wise.it's nice to dream though !
    going to have a peek at Christinas blog now.
    Sorry about the punctuation nd lack of capitals btw Chef has bought me an iPad which is now covered in greasy fingerprints and crumbs and I'm struggling with it a bit..

  9. Oh Ali this really made me laugh ... I am sure you are really a Scottish sexy siren ...who actually Gok-ed Gok.
    Great post xx

  10. Ruth - honestly, I'm so not a siren. Unless the siren you are talking about is that loud, flashy thing usually found on top of a police car. THAT sounds like me ;-)

    NS - I'm not. I have spent the day in an ancient maternity jumper and even older cargo pants and walking boots with holes in the soles for gardening....but I DID put on a full face of slap...so I'm on an upward incline :-)

    Christina - there are the odd days when the sun comes out up here, but I've usually fried to a vampyric crisp by the time I've decided to put on sun-glasses

    Caroline - nice of you to swing by. I'm not only pre-Gok. I'm probably pre-Trinny.

    Dash - I cannot imagine the horrors of having to purchase clothing in front of beautifully coutured Parisiennes. Facial hair *shudder* electrolysis is the BEST thing that I've ever discovered. Other than boys.

    Penny D - maybe people should just be more like Edina in Ab Fab and tell them to drop the attitude, they only work in a shop....

    Simone - my money's on Matt Baker to win. That boy needs to shake off his wholesome image and a bit of raunchy dancing will be just what the doctor ordered *settles back with bag of nachos and awaits Strictly next weekend*

    Trashsparkle - where's your blog? How are Pete's lips looking these days?

    LM - Dita is so perfect, I'm sure that woman would wee Chanel No5. You're not frumpy! We've met, remember?! ;-)

  11. Oooh, you cheer me up no end! Full slap to do the garden, buttering the window frames...

    Pete was looking like he's been chucked off the list of every plastic surgeon in the western hemisphere - totally beyond help. Was curiously dressed in flats and what my mother used to call the contents of "the ragbag". Probably haute couture, but what do we know, eh? ;)

    My blog is sort of hibernating on myspace until I get round to moving it elsewhere - but this is how, encased in mothballs, it currently resides: http://www.myspace.com/trashsparkle/blog

  12. Trashsparkle - get your blog going! Come to blogger - it's where all THE best people hang out lol!

    Ali x

  13. Just popped for another read Ali, just what I needed to brighten up a very cold very wet London afternoon :)

    PS Loved your eyeliner comment over at Christina's :)

  14. Hi there-fabulous answers my dear, I'm sure you are a very stylish chic Scot really!! xx

  15. I suspect that Christine knows what all your followers know. You have a style all of your own, and you flourish it with a razor sharp wit and a warmth that is truly unique. We are all the better for you sharing that with us.

  16. Legend - you smoothie! *whispers* cheque's in the post. Actually, book really IS in post. Nearly.

    Mrs MyStyle - oh if only I were a chic and stylish scot. But slowly, I think you might be civilising me :-)

    Simone - it's true. My eyeliner is about 30 years old. It's a little tin. I bet you it's full of lead and it's slowly driving me mad. Would help explain so much.

  17. brilliant......style transcends fashion and I think you have it in spades!!

  18. And another hysterical one - re the stuff you carry in your bag and our age related issues - have you tried tranexamic acid - did it this week and the results were great (read a previous post about not being able to go for a coffee etc and know just what you mean), and re electrolysis Boots make a machine called Smooth Skin that means you can zap those hairs at home. And finally on the glamour front, aren't you the foxy lady who took herself off to Burlesque School!!!? xx

  19. Very good, I bottled this meme, on account of me knowing nowt about fashion. I'm glad I did because I wouldn't have been able to do it justice as you have. x

  20. Very bored - just dooooooo iiiit! A woman who can write so eloquently about thongs can do the fashion meme! Get on with it girl!!

    Mrs P - I sure took myself off to burly school, but I can't own up to being foxy. Flea-bitten I can do.


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