29 Aug 2010

Hestias AW10 Collection :-)

Before I'd discovered some of the fab fashion and make up blogs that I now follow, I thought that AW10 was just another post code.  NOT SO, mes amies!

It also stands for Autumn Winter 2010 in fashion parlance and, although, I live so far away from the bright lights of fashion that they are not even a dull glow on the horizon, I've been boning up on what's in (thank you Fashion's Most Wanted, Mrs Fab, Mrs TNMA, LLG, Wildernesschic et al).

Why? you may ask yourself.  And Tertarus DID ask himself that - unfortunately aloud - a few weeks back and at the time I didn't have an answer, other than to slam a couple of doors on my way out. 
But I do now:  In the war against ever-advancing decrepitude, I think there is no shame in getting fashion and make-up on your side - and it's not difficult to do.  There are lots of fantastic blogs out there specifically aimed at women like me and, while designer price tags might make you blanche, the ideas are also on the High Street at a more achievable price.

You don't need to slavishly follow what's in the mags - there's never been a better time (that I can recall) to work your own personal look without getting your head flushed down the toilet in Tescos.

I'm very partial to a bit of make-do and mend, so you can imagine my excitement when I meandered past the Cancer Research shop on my way home from the Star Weekend Workshops and spotted THIS in the window!

OK it's a size 12 and I'm......not.  But being quite well-endowed in the top half, I don't tend to close my jackets or coats because I look like a Michelin Man.  Plus, a lady in the shop said that it looked nice on me - and she wasn't even a volunteer, just another customer like m'self!

It's a pale grey, not the lilac colour that my crap photography may lead you to believe.

The sleeve turn ups are not sewn in place and could be made longer or shorter.

Ok - so, it's not EXACTLY this:

Toscana  Jacket- www.celticsheepskin.co.uk

But then mine only cost £5.00 and the gorgeous Celtic Sheepskin toscana shearling jacket is £645.00.

The most OBVIOUS difference is that mine is *cough, cough* 'faux' shearling and the Celtic Sheepskin one is most definitely the real thing.  However, mine has the advantage that I can fling it through the washing machine when it gets dirty.

I'm hoping that a lovely style guru will stop by and tell me how to make it look AW10.  The season, not the post code :-)


  1. I love it, and you are right to buy jacket a little smaller and not fasten it far more flattering xx

  2. Fantastic! Faux fur is 'it' this season and lady, you are bang-on-trend. As I've been flagged up as a style expert (thanks for the mention!) I feel duty-bound to offer some guidance. OK, the jacket is quite shaggy so it's best to keep everything else simple and streamlined. So, That's Not My Age recommends slim black pants and a simple black top - or a shift/jersey dress. Again, black is always a safe bet but I quite like camel and grey so you could try that little combination and kill two trends with one jacket.

  3. Wildernesschic - y'see, I tend towards the larger jacket....years of being told to wrap up warmly....and have always look somewhat 'agricultural' in a jacket, never very smart. Promise to always try the smaller size on from now on!

    Mrs TNMA - what's the difference between camel and beige? I've got beige!! So keep the bulk down with slim fitting other things...ok, got it!!

    Thanks gals!

    Anyone else - chip in freely!! I need all the help I can get :-)

    Ali x

  4. Ha ha I also follow some of the fashion blogs.It took me ages to work out what AW10 etc was.I thought it was a store....

  5. NS - we shall cling together in the fashion wilderness. With lots of wine bottles to keep us afloat....

    Ali x

  6. As it is grey you will be amazed at the amount of colours you can put with it - it is a perfect neutral and tighter fitting is ten times better as it doesn't create a gaps and add unnecessary volume where you don't need it. TNMA is right to say keep what you wear with it streamlined and simple.

    Navy will look wonderful and lavender plus white. Of course black goes without saying. If you were camel/beige with it add a splash of red. Most of all have fun and enjoy your bargain!

  7. Mrs Make Do - Thank you for dropping by!! Love that tip about wearing a splash of red if wearing it with camel/beige! Thank you :-)

    Ali x

  8. Ali, well done you, that looks like a sassy little number and would look great with black, I also am blessed with the large breast! So always leave things unzipped. Whatever you do NEVER buy a wonder bra, I bought one once for uplift purposes it made me look like I had four boobs!

  9. Ali, we now own the very same jacket, 'cept mine is brown!

    Excellent bargain finding skills!

    (I don't do coats up either, for the same reason. Fashion is not made for people with breasts really.)

  10. Also, I wear mine with jeans and a tshirt/soft jumper most times, it smartens them up the way a blazer type jacket would in summer. Also, scarves are awesome!

  11. Oh I think that is oh so AW10! Just look at all of those fabulous shearlings on net-a-porter these days...you are quite of the moment in that gorgeous grey coat I think.

  12. Laura - thanks so much for stopping by! Looking at them on net-a-porter is all I can afford to do at the moment!!

    LM - all my t-shirts are massive over-sized things for going jogging in. I've never owned a skinny t-shirt for properly wearing. Will need to change that lol!

    Dash - *eek* four boobs!!! It can be a blessing and a curse to be of substantial boobage, can't it?!

  13. Ha Ali, a blessing indeed, I have spent half my life wanting to be flat chested, when I first came to France I felt like an alien, fantastic lingerie shops, with shop assistants politely but with eye's agog and tape measure in hand, 'sorry madame we do not av a 32 E', I was very depressed and started phoning top Harley Street clinics for info on breast reduction, I was saved by my flat chested best friend who informed me I was being ridiculous, and she would kill for my figure, since then, no holding back, now I stand up straight in daring plunge necklines, phew...anyway the reduction process looked awfully gory!

  14. Always be proud of your bosoms, Dash!

    I must give a plunge neckline a go. Am always too shy to wear something like that - a v-neck yes, but nothing that would expose much wobblage when I was out on the town!

    Ali x

  15. Dear Ali, what a bargain! Thank you for the tag, I'm flattered although I certainly couldn't give you better advice than TNMA, Kate, Ruth or Dash but I'll tell you what I would wear it with - a long sleeved v neck top (not a jumper, something flattering. A skinny jean or trouser and boots with a heel. I did have a sheepskin stole in the same colour, I'll see if it's still knocking about when I have the "wardrobe clearout" I keep banging on about.

    I'm still smiling about AW10 being a postcode. You're brilliant! xx


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