15 Aug 2010

Hestia suggests...... a visit to the Doctor

If you are feeling a bit blue, take a look at  A Doctor's View and you will perk back up again.  I had wanted to make JohnB one of the recipients of the recent Beautiful Blogger award meme, but he'd given up at that point - I think I'm the only commenter on his blog!  Despite that, he came back to blogging. I think that if he gets a few more followers and more than just Hestia commenting on his blog, he will keep going!

A Doctor's View is written by a retired medical scientist (this lifted from his blog bio) who lives in a village in Somerset with assorted rabbits, foxes, badgers, moles, pheasants and other wildlife including a wife, but no dog and no God. John B says: 'My first blog is a letter to God which I wrote many years ago when I was a medical student. He didn't reply.'

Ali x 

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