20 Aug 2010

Quick Update

Decided to delete the post about The Queen of The Inch and Jimmy Reid because Thursday's Reporting Scotland is no longer available.

Also, caught a mouse in the zap trap.  I got a bit weepy and Tertarus got a bit Asbergers  again - expressing utter bewilderment that I could be weepy over the loss of a single mouse when millions are homeless and at risk of disease in Pakistan.  I tried to explain that weeping for one does not preclude weeping for the other.

Also - been out for dinner.  We 'shared' the driving and again cannot understand my dark mood. In his opinion, It IS sharing the driving when he drives there, gets bladdered and I am compelled to stay sober and drive back.

Sonshine has gone for an overnight with the other family at the dinner.  I'll need to dynamite his underwear off him tomorrow evening....

See you in a few days - have a great weekend :-)


  1. How weird that she had a necklace made from Whitby Jet.Maybe its a Queen thing, knowing Victoria was partial to it too.
    Look at the shine on her hair,didn't realise they had GHDs in those days.
    Thanks for the link to the Jimmy Reid speech,interesting stuff.
    He must have been a real character.

  2. oh yeah - nylon hair was BIG in those days.

    Re Jimmy Reid, yes he was a character. Very colourful - ie RED through and through!

    He was a charismatic and brilliant orator, able to stir up people in a way that today's politicians have not got a hope in hell of doing.

    It was a great regret of mine that I didn't manage to interview him about his career, when I was a reporter on our local paper here, before he took a fairly severe stroke.

    I'd say that even his political opponents - although hugely frustrated by him - harboured a sneaking desire that they could be on the same side at some point, about something.

    Ali x

  3. Jimmy Reid was a brillaint man. I think most Scottish people see him as a hero, because most of us have his politics (more or less).

  4. Lol - I'm permanent driver, largely because I drink less and not least because I am control freak and do not take well to being driven :) I get the odd Christmas off with my family when it is agreed that I can get a bit pished and DH will resist all attempts by the other menfolk to ply him with Vodka (not an easy matter and I credit him duly with exercising admirable willpower and control) :D

  5. I don't like mouse trapping either. Gives me the SADS.


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