6 Aug 2010

Hestia and the Party-That-Was-Not

Sonshine was 10 earlier this week.  I had organised a party for him at our local swimming pool - long before the school broke up for the summer hols back in June.

Today, the morning of the party (and after I'd spent a goodly sum on nutritionally useless party food in Tescos) the Pool staff phoned me to say that there had been a break-in at the pool and lots of broken glass in the water.  The pool would need to be drained and cleaned....the party was off.

Sonshine has never had a big party for his entire class before.  Usually we give him the option of a party or to do something really nice with a couple of good friends, and he usually takes that second option.  This year was the first time he'd opted for the party.  I was really upset for him.

To give him credit where it's due, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said it couldn't be helped.  Tertarus and I looked at each other incredulously.  Where was our son who sulks when things don't go his way? Who was this paragon of virtue playing with Nibbles the hamster? 

My next task was to try to phone 35 kids and let them know the party was off.  Since I didn't even know most of their surnames, you won't be surprised to learn that I had no contact numbers for them either.  However, one of the advantages of living in an open prison a small island community is that everyone knows everyone else.  So, in a very round about way, the guys at the swimming pool plus a couple of teachers on the school campus and I managed to contact all the kids and let them know what was happening.

The net result is that I have a huge red LEGO brick shaped birthday cake for 40 people sitting in the kitchen, calling me with its siren sugary charms....so far I've had one slice.

Sadly, it was a slice 12" long and 1.5" wide.

I'll need to start distributing it to other people tomorrow or I'll be diabetic by Monday.

Everyone that I've spoken to holds the same two thoughts:  Firstly, 'What a shame for Sonshine' and secondly, 'What kind of mad bastard breaks into a Swimming Pool?'  What was he after - a fix on Speedo trunks? Did he have a lucrative contact in the underworld for goggles and nose clips? Could he not live without a hot chocolate from the machine?

I believe that the police might have a bit of an idea who the offender is - but lack of evidence prevents them from going round and kicking the living daylights out of him chatting with him.

We'll be rescheduling the party for a date during term time.  By which time the Lego brick cake will be long gone and I'll be on insulin.

Any suggestions as to what I could do for Sonshine to make up for this let-down?


  1. OH What a shame.But at least you have that glorious cake to console you.
    I would ask him what he would like to do.
    Children invariably come up with the most unexpected requests,usually the its the most simple which give the most pleasure.
    BTW if you don't mind me asking..Which island do you live on?

  2. Hello NS! The glorious cake *is* consoling me, but today I'm cutting it up into wodges to distribute to some of the kids who would have been at the party - kids with brothers and sisters. So, by tonight, I should have handed out most of it ;-)

    We asked him this morning what he would like to do and he suggested a Raft Race. Conveniently, there is one one later this avo. I shall attend with camera :-)

    The island is Bute. I wish I could tell you that it was something balmy in the Carribean. Instead it is something barmy in the Clyde Estuary. Look for the droopy willie of Argyll on a map of Scotland and we are in the bollocks environs..... :-)

    Ali x

  3. I will try and think of something when I stop laughing - not about poor sonshine but about you and the cake! I am sure we are Cake Buddies! Slice of Mr Kiplings Manor House, Alison?

  4. MMMMMMM cake!

    How cool that there's a raft race, I hope he enjoys it. I am afraid I have no suggestions, as mine would be 'alot of cake'. Does Bute have a cinema? Could you take him and a few small children/large noisy ten year olds there?

    My other suggestion is that you have a film party at your house, let two or three of his wee chums stay, and make popcorn they can dye with food colouring/ add their own flavours to. And sweets and cake.

  5. Ahh poor Sonshine!! At least he has Nibbles to take his mind off it! I'll try and think of something you can do with him. Mmmm... cake sounds good. Maybe you should give him a bag full of slices to take to school so you're not tempted to eat it. I hope you've had a lovely weekend xx

  6. I could eat some damn cake right now. I'm having the mid-day lag. Sugar would straighten me right up. Laugh.

    Sorry to hear about the party. What a drag.

  7. Have the police deliver the miserable little bastards back in handcufffs to the pool where the offence occurred. Tie them to the diving board and invite all your son's friends round and supply them with big pointy sticks. Failing that, how about a beach bonfire with his freinds?

  8. Legend - that sounds like a great idea! A sort of Scottish 'piniata'. I reckon that could catch on :-)

    SB - sugar lag is a killer. You can be good all day, but when it gets near 3pm I can eat a whole packet of kitkats and not stop until I'm sitting amid a pile of silver foil.

    Christina - cake is now gone! Nibbles also got a tiny piece. I awarded myself a MASSIVE slice on the basis that I was 'clearing up.'

    LM - we do indeed have a very small cinema, but nothing on at moment that would suit small boys. Besides, 35 to the flix could bankrupt me! He'll get his pool party during term time. I hope.

    Mrs Fab - cake buddies it is!


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