25 Aug 2010

Hestia and.....social networking car crash

Today I did something rather technical and possibly foolish:  I connected this blog up to my Facebook account.

I'm not really sure how I did it, Viv sent me a link and I just kept pressing buttons and typing in my url until it made a connection. 

And now I'm feeling a bit....exposed.

I kinda live my life in little compartments, do you?

There's the island compartment where I scuff about in jeans and trainers moaning about the weather and the lack of pomegranate seeds in the supermarket; there's the family compartment where I am a slightly stand-offish daughter (self preservation, man) and a loving (if slightly vague) sister; the Tarot Chairman - where I am both vague and scuffy, yet also managing to convey a sense of serenity and good sense (stop laughing at the back there, I can SEE you Viv!); there's the sequin and sparkle of the burlesque-lover....and God knows how many other odd little masks that people know me by - an old school friend, old work colleague and....most terrifyingly of all..... old girlfriend.

By linking this blog to my FB account, my vanilla life and my other lives have suddenly been tossed into a Large Hadron Collider and now Dark Matter has been created. I'm not sure that I want Hestia sucked into a black hole....

I mean, people who believe that I'm really quite sensible  now know that I actually threw a party for a 2-yr old pain au chocolate.  And that he is STILL living with us in the bread bin.  And that he's called Kevin.  And that their CHILDREN come into THIS house where I'm the notional 'responsible' adult.

*low groan and gentle banging of head on desk*

There may be unfortunate repercussions for me after making this FB link.  In fact, they've already started
Scarily, an old flame (whom I love to BITS) posted on my FB wall that he had spent a happy half hour reading some back postings on here. FUUUUUCK!

My arse and guts immediately went into a lock-down spasm and I have been frantically scanning old posts wondering whether I've said anything unpleasant/libelous/mad...delete as appropriate...about folk that I know on FB and all I can say is *in a big loud voice that stretches all the way to Mexico*  YES, of COURSE the lovely Tertarus is the LOVE of my life....and it's not ANY of the three chaps (whom I haven't spoken to in about two decades) who have now e-mailed me to enquire whether it was actually one of them.

Do I have the courage of my convictions and keep on blogging as Hestia AND leave the FB link in place?

I dunno.....


  1. Sweetcakes, anyone with half a brain could have found this blog whether it was linked to FB or not ... :-) Think of linking it to FB as somewhat lighting it's darkness a bit with a candle :-)

  2. Eeeeep ! Please don't let Ania see that escapee apostrophe ....

  3. The dangers of laying your life bare online - hence the reason my posts tend to be factual and, well, fairly dull :)

  4. *snigger snigger* I know this feeling SOOOOO well. I find there is precious little I dare blog about now as bloody well everyone I know reads it - from the mothers at school (AAAGHHHHHH - we have a hot cross bun btw, it's actually an aged relative - fifty years old!) to everyone in the village to all our builders, postmen, plumbers; plus relatives.
    I had a HUGE purge on mine at one point, fearful of litigation!!
    Sometimes I really really wish I were anonymous. *sigh*

  5. I was worried when I first linked mine to FB, but I am on here like I am in life, I get the feeling you are similar. But when my ex found me a few weeks ago I too felt dreadfully exposed especially as I had just written a poem in Spanish, and I knew that he would think it was about him... and it was not !! Exposed is the word I felt naked, but others that know me locally have been reading for a year and it didn't worry me... xx

  6. My x's are probably all suffering from dementia by now, so no worries there. Also, a lack of talent is the perfect bedmate for leading an anonymous life. Don't forget, the "ignore: function works pretty well too.

  7. I think it's going to happen evetually really, people finding it. I try to separate mine, but most people have meandered over at some point.

  8. Bravo for being able to be so honest and open........but anonymity can bring with it a certain space where one can roam free.....

  9. oh i'm so afraid of facebook that is not even funny. I'm actually quite turned off by all the "reality" social networking sites...pictures of your vacations, of your salsa dancing lessons, of your underwear, I mean, it's too much...I always chose the rather secretive side..
    the only thing I can recommend is to own anything that comes up!
    you're a wonderful gal and have a marvelous sense of humor to go with it..you'll pull it off!


  10. Dear Ali, I fell in love with you after reading the post about throwing a party for Kevin the two year old pain au chocolat!! I'm kicking myself I didn't put that link on my blog now!

    Don't worry about Facebook people will come back and read it and love it.

    Incidentally how do you link to Facebook? I know everyone on mine and my blog's so bloody nice about everything I don't care who reads it (I always wanted to do an anonymous one... maybe I will but where do I find the time?) xx

  11. Christina - it's a thing called network blogs.


    BUT - you've already got a little 'share' icon on your blog, and if you click on it you can post to your Facebook page.

    The networked blogs thing does it automatically. I think. I'm not sure. I'm never in FB as I find it too overpowering. Much prefer Twitter :-)

    Ali x


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