15 Aug 2010

Hestia..... mini update

Just to tie up a couple of loose ends.

Despite of a come-back worthy of Lazarus, Wilfred (the decapitated sunflower) quickly succumbed to his inevitable fate.  He is now being recycled on the compost heap.  I can confirm that there was a suitable period of mourning that involved a Jeff Buckley CD and a small glass of cider.

My elderly vine made a rapid recovery from the Greenhouse Butchery Episode and continues to shoot out utterly pointless green leafy stuff and not a single grape.  Next year I'll have to do SOMETHING with it to make it 'useful'.  Like grow beans through it or something.  Or Tertarus will be wielding the axe......

Finally, dear reader, you will be delighted to know that Kevin still lurks safely in the bread bin.

Back on Tuesday as I must brave the mainland on Monday  xxxx


  1. It's THE INDESTRUCTABLE VINE. Good luck with the boat!

  2. I love Jeff Buckley, a fitting tribute to Wilfred I'm sure. And I'm delighted to hear Kevin is still going strong in the bread bin xx

  3. You can count me in on anything that involves Jeff Buckley.




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