8 Aug 2010

Hestia...and the crap continues...

The good news is that they have caught two kids (17 and 16) for breaking into the Swimming Pool and stealing booze from an earlier break in at the Sailing Club.  That'll teach them to swig vodka by the neck during a break in (guys had form, saliva on bottle gave the whole game away).

Anyhoo, I digress....

I should be typing to you this evening from a 2-bedroom mews cottage in Glasgow.  One bedroom should be en suite and the other, with bunks, should have Sonshine bouncing around happily with his DS and Big Bunny.

Sadly, when we turned up, the caretaker had notification that we had booked a studio flat.  That means a double bed in the same room as the TV and music equipment.  Even the printed out e-mails correspondence clearly showed that I wanted to book the 2-bed mews cottage.  How the fuck that transposed into a studio flat, I have no idea.

So I am typing at the dining table while Tertarus and Sonshine watch Ice Age 3 on the DVD.  When he goes to bed, we'll be folding down the sofa into a bed and hoping for a reasonable night's kip.

And tomorrow, I will be my usual polite self - but if I don't end up talking to you from a 2-bed mews cottage there will be BLOODY HELL to pay.

Is Mercury retrograde? Cos it feels like it.   Plus, the battery on my mobile has died again and the only reading material I have brought is the endless Wolf Hall.  Not exactly light relief!

On the upside, bought a beautiful rioja from M&S called Marques del Romeral which is rubbing the edges off my day nicely.

Tomorrow I get Juno's newly remodelled ring resized to fit ME.  We go to the Stained Glass supplier in East Kilbride to get stuff for me to start practicing the big panel for the front door and take Juno out for lunch.

Did anyone see my the programme about Calum's Cabin today on telly?  Was it just in Scotland? Also, did anyone see the Marquis of Bute's home wedding video on Friday night? My home island is just bursting out of the telly!

See you all tomorrow.....from the 2-bed MEWS!


  1. I do hope it is from a two bedroom mews, and I haven't seen Bute everywhere, but I shall look it up!

    Hugs for you!

  2. LOL red wine is nothing without dark chocolate ... ;-)

  3. How annoying about the mews house!! I would be cross. Mercury must be in retrograde... Hope you're in there tomorrow. Red wine always takes the edge off. Hope you have a lovely time xx

  4. Ahhh pop that Rioja I adore it but it has a tendency to give me migraine ..Although that might be preferable to claustrophobia :)
    I do hope you get it sorted I would have steam coming out of my ears xx

  5. LM - there will be something on Reporting Scotland about the Queen of The Inch shortly. But I was sworn to secrecy about it - but will blog when all is revealed on the telly!

    Ribbit - I also like chilli chocolate - works really well!

    Christina - Mercury not retrograde until the end of this month *gulp* can't imagine what else can go wrong!!

    Ruth - wine was lovely, but I 'improve' it by adding water to it. Cuts down on the headache :-)


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