27 Aug 2010

Hestias loves Aardvarkonsea.com

A long time ago, I posted up a manifesto from Aardvarkonsea.com - and now they've got more!

OK - it sounds like the kind of thing you might come up with if you've been smoking banana skins again, but it's beautiful!

A2 sized £30 unframed £65 framed.

Would make a great present for someone just starting out on a new path - student, divorcee, new business etc.

I'm very partial to this one - again, perfect for hanging over your workspace...and when you raise your head up from blubbering on your desk because you can't do your homework/make the website do what it's meant to do etc....it will raise your spirits in manner of small spider encouraging Robert The Bruce to do a spot of genocide.

A2 in size £30 unframed £65 framed

This Jerome K Jerome inspired print would make an ideal gift for the man in your life - especially if he likes boats, cats, dogs, pipes, food or *cough* a bit of a drink....

A3 sized  £25 unframed and £45 framed

This one is still my favourite and the ONE THAT I'D LIKE FOR MY CHRISTMAS PLEASE to anyone in Mexico that might be reading this.

Or indeed anyone else who loves me enough to buy me something that I will treasure for EVER......*not staring at anyone in particular, but looking hopeful*

This one is A3 sized and is also £25 unframed and £45 framed

Visit the website for aadvarkonsea.com here.  No, I'm not on commission :-)


  1. The first one strikes a personal note. I grew up with my Mom telling me she wished i was like this person or that person, so I thought there was something wrong with me. I tried for years to be like other people with disastrous consequences, bless her. When I left to live in France, I found I didn't have to pretend anymore. I could just be me. What a concept!

  2. brilliant.......I love them. I have a Harland Miller print above my desk, a replica of a classic, orange penguin paperback cover that reads: Don't Let The Bastards Cheer You Up........never fails to make me laugh!!

  3. I like them! I'd love Jo's "Don't let the bastards cheer you up though!"

    Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  4. I love them, I am looking for a sign that say's "Please remove your shoes" .. or similar.. not as fun or spiritual as those ..but would be life changing for me:)

  5. I like ' try again, fail again, fail better!'


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