23 Jul 2011

Hestia's terrible realisation

Yes love, you bloody well scream
There can only be one thing worse than wakening up at  4.26 am with the terrible realisation that you have still not written the introductions for your Conference speakers, and that's wakening up again at 7.30 am with the bedside light still on and the imprint of a biro pen embedded in your jaw and realising that you STILL haven't written them.

Well, maybe just one thing is worse.

Doing the above AND feeling like someone has cunningly placed a hand-knitted balaclava between your brain and your skull:  Maybe a glass too much vino last night for me.

Oh no, there IS one thing worse than all of the above together....

...Realising that you decided to test Skype at midnight by contacting the handsome and talented Mark Ryan in Los Angeles without considering how horrific ypur hair looked after 2 days in the damply frizz-inducing hair-hell that is Birimingham 2011  (think: matted maned Afghan hound rescued by RSPCA) AND that you had NO MAKE-UP ON and were illuminated solely by the flickering grey light of the mac monitor....

Oh for sure, that is a fecking TERRIBLE realisation, mes amies.


  1. Ali -

    So glad this was not me! ;-)


  2. well, the only thing you can salvage from this is patting yourself on the bag for remembering to take your make-up off last night ;)
    hope its all up from here xx


    Oh you puir wee dear.

    I'm sure you'll be able to produce a superb introduction to your speakers; no-one will be able to understand your delightful Scottish accent anyway, and most will probably be nursing hangovers, so they won't be listening either.

    Have fun. Drink more Vino

  4. LOL Ali... one of my Skype profile mood messages is "I will endeavour to not Skype drunk.. " we should swop addresses.. could a laugh... I am sure Mark is cool and would love you anyhow xx

  5. Ah you'll be fine. Just keep it short and sweet and all will be well.


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