16 Jul 2011

Hestia's dire warning about jam

Do not, under any circumstances, accidentally forsake the jam pan for a mindless hour-long ramble through the Twitterverse and Facebook or you will find 600g of redcurrants and 500g of sugar horrifically reduced to this:

The jam jar is close....the lip gloss is FAR AWAY,  Dougal

I put the other, unused, jam jars back in the cupboard - ready for the bramble-making jam horror story next month.  

Oh yes, it's THAT time of year again.

It has reduced so much I will have to hire a pneumatic drill to get it out.  And the concept of 'spreading'? Forget it.


  1. Ah come on now Ted!

    Sorry about the jam - but still v. tasty I'm sure. What about stirring it com brio and dolloping generously on icecream? xxx

  2. Oh Ali, I too took my eye off the raspberry jam to read a blog or two last week and I have raspberry concrete, with pips!!!!! Does taste ok though. Lesley x

  3. I bet it tastes good though.

    I also predict that you could use it to caulk the seals of the International Space Station.

    Have you tried patenting the recipe, or would that be under the realm of Top Secret information?

  4. HAHAHAHA, oh Ali. You could slice it perhaps?

  5. Mmmm, I'd ditch the toast and eat it off the spoon. Bet is gorgeous. x

  6. hehehehe

    Give it a posh name..."fruit concentrate" and no one will know the difference!

  7. Yeah, I like the slicing option... :)

  8. Yeah, just eat it straight from the spoon!

    I've only ever used one recipe for jam and I think it must be idiot-proof cos I haven't managed to arse it up yet. Only takes about 10 minutes to boil up.

  9. Add it to gravy.Serve with lamb.Delicious:)

  10. ooops......bet it packs a powerfull kick, handle with care....is that the red lip gloss from Red??xx

  11. YAH - yes it is!

    NS - will be doing that, for sure!

    Alex - this should only have taken about 10 minutes too, but I got carried away with FB and forgot all about it!

    Exmoor Jane - I will send a slice down to you! Use it as a door stopper.

    Sage - how about 'redcurrent reduction'?

    Vix - is VERY tasty. Just not very spready.

    LM - could use it in Afghanistan as weapon against Taliban maybe?!

    TSB - yep, you could calk the ark with it quite successfully. Although the bees might start to strip it off to eat.

    Lesley - I hear you!!! The interetubes sucks at your jam-making concentration, doesn't it?!

    Mrs E - wasn't sure whether the Dougal reference would be remembered by anyone! Well done!

  12. Call it Fruit cheese and serve it sliced with cold meats and cheese, fab and very expensive if you had to buy it x

  13. Mrs P - I LIKE IT!!!!!! I may ask Northern Snippet if she'd like to buy some for pub chef to do something interesting with :-)

    Ali x

  14. I know nothing of jam making except never to try it, but I did get the Father Ted reference - love love love Father Ted, and that episode is a cracker, partic like manic Father Noel and the River Dancing in the caravan...xx

  15. I'm impressed you even attempted jam. I never have. I think you should use it like redcurrant jelly as Northern Snippet suggests xx


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