27 Jul 2011

Hestia and the TABI Tarot Conference - in numbers

3- The number of days I spent indoors without feeling the sun on my skin.  Akshully, I didn't miss it.  I'm vampyric by nature and having your Chairman disappear in a puff of grey smoke isn't good for business.

2 - The number of Tarot decks I bought - both from Cilla Conway.  To say that I BOUGHT both of them isn't strictly true.  I pilfered one and left her a hastily scribbled IOU because I had run out of money because....

£3.50 - cost of a tiny bottle of beer at the venue. I thought I'd pace myself until happy hour at 5pm....and so I returned to the bar and requested another small bottle of beer.  'That will be £3.50,' smiled the bar lady. 'But it's happy hour,' I protested unhappily. 'Your beer isn't included in the Happy Hour,' came the reply.

5 - the number of workshops organised.  At the risk of boring the non-Tarotists amongst you to sleep we had:  Working with Tarot and Oracle decks together; Exploring Crowley's Thoth intuitively; Working as a Tarot Professional; Journey through the Wildwood Tarot and Bow spread; Counselling skills in Tarot.

14 - number of bottles of wine we bought to put on the table because it was our birthday.  That reminds me, 4 of them are on my credit card!

10 - the number of our birthday that we were celebrating at this Conference

0 - the number of party games that we managed to play - we just ran out of time!

2 - the number of interviews I did on Saturday night.  And I never burst into tears once.

0 - the number of drops of wine that were left for your parched interviewer after her final interview.

1 - the number of Tarot decks I was given as a gift.  You know who you are, you lovely soul!

2 - pairs of shoes that I brought - a pair of trainers and a pair of smart grey suede shoe-boots that went with my snazzy interview outfit.  I may load up a photo cos I'm quite proud of those shoes!

2 - the number of times I had to quietly slip away to the toilet to weep about Amy Winehouse and all those poor Norwegian youngsters that were shot by that BIGOT.

1 - gorgeous birthday cake made specially for us with a Tarot card on the front.

0 - phone calls home to see how Sonshine was faring without me at my brother's house.

0 - number of phone calls from Sonshine to see how I was faring.

1 - the number of paintings that I bought from Will Worthington.  And yes I DID buy it.

110% - how much I love my Archer painting.  Here she is hanging on my lounge wall. I will never be parted from her.

24 - lovely, lovely people at the Conference. Meeting Wendy and Will after all this time was just fantastic.    I hope to drag Tartarus down to meet them when Will is playing a gig with his band.  I hope some of Wendy's rock chick chic rubs off on me.  Very soon.

2 - stone - the amount of weight I need to lose to be anywhere NEAR the weight I was before Sonshine was born.  Sure, I accept that it will never all be in the same PLACES that it was back then, but it would be nice to see a photo of myself without feeling hideously BUMPY.

£6,000 - the amount I will have to spend on botox to ensure my face remains in position and doesn't look all 'Glaswegian' when I talk.  In most photos I look absolutely hammered.  But I was SOBER.  Well, mostly sober.

2012 - the number when we'll do it alllllll again!


  1. Congratulations on your conference - sounds like it went really well. So sorry about the 0 party games, though - you'll have to work on that one next time LOL. xxx

  2. You get sun in Scotland? :o

  3. Ali -

    Lovely conference, and it was cool to hear all about it! However ... tapping foot, waiting to see a pic of those gray suede shoe-boots! Must prioritise!


  4. I have two experiences of card reading, one was in Spain and I was very drunk, and she was speaking in better English than my Spanish but still got the gist of the lovely lady's messages, and the second was in France where a lady read for my daughter and I attempted to translate - from what I can remember she was extremely accurate. Your conference sounds intimate and fun, well done, and stop beating yourself up about weight x

  5. 0 the number of pounds I think you need to lose....you look very slim!! well done indeed...I like it when you pull me a card...tell me when my uber-wealthy, utterly gorgeous prince charming will be riding by.........I used to work with the divine Heidi in New York who would do readings at work on wet wednesday afternoons and put my world to rights!!xx

  6. You did a fab job, Ali, thanks again. And please, post a pic of those grey suede shoe-boot thingies, they were to die for, and I don't normally like shoes!

  7. Inner Whispers - yes, I promise to post a picture ;-)

    Mrs YaH - He will appear at a party or when you are decorating a tree or doing something with a bell or a ribbon.... 4 Wands, Fey Tarot ;-)

    Mrs P - they sound very intriguing! and I promise never to mention my weight again because I'm ON that sucker as from TODAY :-)

    Bonnie - photo coming tomorrow!

    Ania - yes we do. Two days usually. You should see sonshine's back, he's in agony - went to beach with friends and their parents. I sent suncream and hat etc, but he remained creamless and now is SCARLET.

    Mrs E - we've decided to have the party games on the forum, or at least a raffle for some of the goodies!

    BTW - just to let you know I have been experiencing trouble when posting comments. I can type in the comment fine, but when it comes to sending it off, the mac just spins and spins and spins. So AM reading and will comment when I can!

  8. aaah the CAKE!!! :D

    So sorry I couldnt get there...and SO jealous of the Archer pic ..I love my Shamen you will NOT regret it...ever (unless I win it from you in a game of cards in the far flung future when we'll actually meet up!)

    How did the interview go?
    Who ended up the most pie-eyed in a heap on the floor?
    Who had a hissy fit?
    Who entertained you the most?
    Who ate the most cake??

    See....sooo many questions *lol*

    Glad you had a great time...next time, stick to something on the Happy Hour menu!

    S xx


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