19 Jul 2011

Hestia and Sonshine - the generation gap

So, I sent Sonshine to the post office this morning to buy a first class stamp to post off details of his father's speeding points*.

He was gone a long time.  When he came back, doing the theatrical teenage sighing and stomping around thing that he has taken to doing EVERY time you ask him to help you,  he said it had taken him AGES to get the stamp on the envelope.


Because he is so used to self-adhesive stamps, he had sat for an ice-age trying to pick, pick, pick off a non-existent backing sheet to stick the stamp on the envelope.  The man behind the counter took pity on his frowning little countenance and explained that the stamp needed to be LICKED.

So - what do YOUR kids do differently that makes YOU feel like an exhibit in the Cairo Museum?

* On the way to motorbike racing in Assen - done for speeding by a van on a bridge, somewhere on the M8.
Oh how I laughed when I saw Tartarus's face as he opened THAT envelope!


  1. Ha! Bless him.
    Luckily I haven't any kids to remind me how old I am but reading a blogger's post yesterday informing her readers that "Malcolm McLaren actually managed the Sex Pistols before he did Double Dutch" made me feel bloody ancient. x

  2. Hahahaha. Even I am surprised when I am given a licky stamp now. I usually have random ones left in books in various drawers and they are all sticky!

  3. Awww...so sweet and innocent.

    Sonshine I meant, not the evil speeding oft-delayed Tartarus. (?Still in Amsterdam?)

    You should make a list of Sonshine's innocent ignorances.
    1. Does he believe in Santa?
    2. Does he believe in the tooth fairy?
    3. Does he believe that dreams always come true?
    4. Does he believe that the British Prime Minister knew nothing at all about the Murdoch corruption?

  4. Oh god, I blush every time I hear talk of self adhesive stamps. I stocked up on stamps for work before the price hike and they only had the sheets of non-adhesive ones left. "Oh that's fine" says I to the (rather sexy) Post Office man. "I've got a TONGUE." Honest to god, I shouldn't be allowed to talk in public.

  5. And the sexy post office man said...? (And if the answer is "nothing", what an idiot! Ignoring something like that. Oh well!)

    I haven't got a TV, let alone a video, DVD, Nintendo (? is that the word), and so on, so when I go round to my girls' house to watch the cricket highli... I mean, to spend some quality time with them, I can't turn the TV on and have to get the nearest daughter to do it. Then, I can't turn it over onto the TV channels from the horsey games they play on it, requiring further help, given with a sigh and a piteous look.

  6. Looby - no telly?! I'm scared to ask how you entertain yourself..... *closes eyes and hides behind sofa*

    Alex - echoing looby - and what did the postman say?!

    TSB - we are too scared NOT to believe in Santa in case it's all true. Same with Jesus. Sonshine thinks Murdoch is a character in the A Team.

    LM - he was a wee soul! Teling me all very seriously :-)

    Vix - music is the quickest way to feel ancient. BTW - thanks for cracking tip re mascara roots!!!!

    Ali x

  7. I feel old just reading Vix's comment. I can't believe he got done for speeding before he'd even left the country! Love you xx

  8. I think we may have a similar envelope waiting for us on return from France :( would Sonshine mind getting our stamps? xxx


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