28 Sept 2011

Hestia's....new family member

L-R - Kevin, The Bears
(just in case you couldn't work out who was who)
Last year, a whole load of fund-raising bikers from Help For Heroes came to the island and the local bikers put on a wee night for them in the Shinty Club (think: Stringfellows with splinters and the unforgettable tang of sports kits in the air).

Anyway, during the course of the evening a small teddy-bear came up for raffle.  Everyone was piddling around bidding a fiver at a time.....and Tartarus, somewhat the worse for wear and feeling expansive, bid quite a lot and won the bear.

Some days later (when the fug of the evening had cleared and he was panicking about the emptiness of his wallet) he remembered about the bear, but could find no sign of it.  'Ah, said the bikers, the bear doesn't come home with you - he goes around the world. With the Army.'

Apparently he was supposed to send us postcards, but like all kids on their gap year, he didn't bother his behind.

'Well,' thought I,' we'll never see THAT bear again.'  But I was wrong.

He materialised next to my computer when I sat down to work on Tuesday morning - apparently he had made his way to the Bike Club meeting in the town on the Monday evening and had decided to come home with Tartarus.  He brought his postcards with him.  Again, just like most teenagers.

Here he is, pictured with that other member of my extended family, Kevin the pain au chocolat who lives in the bread bin.  I know.  That experiment has gone TOO far.  We SHOULD chuck him out.  But, honestly, it will be like murdering the hamster.  So he stays.

From the pix on the postcards, he's been to Cyprus, Afghanistan and that hell-hole of bad behaviour, Australia.  There are a couple of suspicious looking photos involving undressed bears, so there might have been a bearothal involved at some point.  Well, when you're travelling with the troops, these things are to be expected.  He has also come home with a little friend.  It may have been a gay bearothal by the looks of things.  Well, plenty of room for bears chez Hestia - especially bears that fund-raise for troops!

He's home with a tiny boomerang and rather a lot of hair elastics (indicating to me that the little blighter was equipped with more than a boomerang to show for his travels around the world) but that those items have perhaps been, shall we say, appropriated by the various Customs and Excise officers around the world?

We're happy that he's home for good now and that in some small way, we've supported our lovely troops.  Even if it was only in a bearothal in Brisbane.


  1. Love it.
    Concerning Kevin, we have similar characters in our home.

  2. Love.

    If you get rid of Kevin, I shall cry.

  3. Lovely :-) Kevin had better watch his back ;-)

  4. Sounds like the Bear needs a good rest after all of his adventures and no better place for a bit of R&R!

  5. Kevin's back.
    I was so scared you might have dumped him a long time ago, because there'd been no mention of the poor wee soul for ages.

    Don't you think it might be for the best to put the travelling bear in quarantine for a couple of weeks?

    I don't think it'd be a good idea for Sonshine to start cuddling the bear until AFTER you've had the blood tests back. If as you suggest he's been involved in entertaining pursuits, especially in Australia, then he's probably picked up certain infctions along the way. have you done the usual quick check for sores, chancres and ulcers?

    BTW, You should do the same tests on Taratarus every time he comes back from the exotic Americas. You never know.

  6. He's so cute (NOT Kev, sorry!) - is he staying now, or will he be off away again? I'd quite like a jacket like that. xxx

  7. Don't kill Kevin.

    I love Kevin.

  8. By gum, we don't have nightclubs as classy as that down here.

  9. what a cracking tale....don't kill Kevin......do we need to start a save-Kevin-campaign??x

  10. Yes, Kevin is Cool! I have no idea he was a Pitch - we went through a Pitch stage as they gave away those really annoying magnetic maps and we always got the same bit and they kept falling off the fridge and of course no one would actually eat the things.... nowadays we always have a lone Cheese String in our fridge, I shall have to give him a name - what about Colin? Then maybe Colin and Kevin could become penpals and one day do an exchange visit? xx

  11. What a great idea. We've donated to an art auction fundraiser(not art obv a meal!)Anyway I spotted an original art piece in the catalogue of the Fat Slags of Viz which I'm sorely tempted to bid for:)


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