5 Sept 2011

Hestia and Sonshine...separated by 5 days of fun

And so it came to pass that Tartarus and Hestia did drive their only begotten son up to school with his suitcase all packed ready to go to Castle Toward outdoor centre for FIVE whole days.

Five whole days during which his pile of clean pants and socks will remain undisturbed.  As will his bar of soap and facecloth, I'd imagine.  I've already been warned that their clothes come back so filthy that they are simply consigned to the bin and under no circumstances should you try to put them through the washing machine without hosing them down on the lawn first.

This is the longest that Sonshine and I have been apart and, while we are both looking forward to this next step on the journey towards being a Teenager, I can't help but feel a little sad.

We posed for a photo (taken by Tartarus)

You can feel Sonshine's shame lol!

And now I am off once again to Glasgow for some retail therapy and large glasses of wine with friends.

But am taking my laptop, so you're all coming with me.


  1. But I don't want to go to Glasgow ... I want civilization .... :D

  2. We had the big school trip for DS last year and it was weird. On the plus side, DD was ready for school early every day, there was no shouting or arguing in the morning and on the whole, the house was a lot more peaceful. On the minus side, she roamed around like a lost thing half the time looking for someone to play with. He had a great time though :)

  3. Oh I remember that shame! I am sure you will miss Sonshine, on the other hand...five days off Motherly duties, enjoy your wine!

  4. Sonshine will love it.

    Did you check his bags for the Gin and Vodka bottles?
    Is Tartarus going with you to Glesca?
    Is he going clubbing with his mates?
    Are you going to "gie him a guid gubbin'" when he comes back pissed as the proverbial newt?
    Are you going to spend all his money?
    Are you going to tell us all about it?

    At least go for a slap up meal in the ubiquitous chip?

    I envy you.

    Does Caledonian MacBrayne still run the ferries?
    Is the food still crap and overpriced?
    Do they still always run late?

    Ah. I miss so much of the "Auld Cuntry"

  5. So glad you have taken me shopping with you, now what you gonna buy me? LOL. As for these trips away, Little Man has had the opportunity to go, the last two summers but didn't want to - RESULT! Saved me £300 a year and lots more grey hair!

  6. Oh I LOVE that pic of you and sonshine. He is pretending to cringe but smiling, and you look like you'll never let him go!

    I hope he is having a good time. My daughter did a similar trip when she was 11 and she loved it. And yes, you will need to phone the waterworks and warn them whats coming when you do the laundry! xxx

  7. Enjoy the freedom,five whole days.He will love it.x

  8. Aw, what a nice picture. Mine went away to an outdoor recreation place in the Forest of Bowland (the pansyish English version of the Highlands) for a week last year. I thought about them all the time. Hope he enjoys it and you enjoy boozing in lovely Glasgow (I'm dead envious).

  9. It must feel really weird!

    Also, are you thinner? You look thinner...

    Hugs for you, and enjoy the wine and civilisation!

  10. Ali, just caught up with your last three posts. Gosh, I've been on an emotional roller coaster for the last 10 minutes!
    Last time I was here, the lack of Tartarus time was really telling, next thing you produced a magnificent space ship with wonderful good humor, then thing I'm back in the doldrums over the "things not done" ( I still spend a good portion of every day, lining up on the doormat of "things not done", looking suitably chastened and apologetic, after 32 years), then I being whipped off to Glasgow. What a rude through Hestialand.
    How are you coping, I truly, truly, truly hope the fun and happy times are far outnumbering those miserable, low, self-hating blues we women fall into (well my theory is that men push us on to them).
    Half of the Dodgy Brothers are in big, big trouble (from the man of the house of course) here in Townsville. So they are sitting on my lap saying hello, lick and hug.
    Lots of good warm North Qld wishes

  11. Hey me again. I have an iPad woohoo.
    Don't I make a hellofalotta typos with my iPad?
    I think the meaning is apparent despite errors.

  12. I can't comment.

    Blogger is blocking me from my own bloody blog.

  13. I bet Sonshine had a brilliant time, this summer Boy 1 did 3 nights away on a holiday course and I was a jelly as that was the longest we had ever been apart, but he came back walking tall (and soap unused). xx

  14. Enjoy yourself but not too much otherwise you'll be in for another dose of that guilt we all heap on ourselves x


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