9 Sept 2011

Hestia does Glasgow, in pictures

So - you came with me.  But I couldn't show you where we were cos I forgot to take the lead for the camera.  Anyway, let's rectify that right now.  Here is our 5 day break in Glasgow, in pix.

Wur accommodation - before it got untidy

It had a window seat - upon which I fondly imagined myself reading and being artistically inspired.  I wasn't.

There was a kitchen, complete with complimentary bottle of wine.  Result.

A lovely contemporary bathroom - that is a DOUBLE sink

And it had a SPA bath - which I also fondly pictured myself being all arty and relaxing with a glass of wine.  I didn't.  I did relax in it with a mug of tea.  Which is not the same thing.

Next day - rain of biblical splendour and I am dragged like a truculent teenager to The Transport Museum - now in its new home.  It was pretty good.  But a Transport Museum is not the place for someone who really wants to be sequestered in front of a black and white movie with a hot chocolate.

Tartarus, as you can see, was like a pig in the proverbial.  
Standing in front of a case of ships, he was happy.

fire engines, bicycles and lots of other assorted shit to do with motors

The glass hearse, complete with stuffed horses.  I'm having me one of THESE when the time comes.  You can bugger your ecological wicker baskets - give me horses with plumes and a glass carriage.

Stuffed horses

In the evening we went out with my lovely friends B and C.  We went to Bobar so that we could watch Scotland v Lithuania.  However, several bottles of gorgeous red put paid to any interest we had in the game.  They came back to ours for a nightcap (ie another bottle of wine).  This is them with their jackets still on and checking their mobile phones for Important Messages.

The next day there was a bit of a break in the weather and we went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery. This is a photo of my old Alma Mater - Glasgow University.  See that tower? I've been up that tower.

My other spiritual home, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

I sat for ages in The Glasgow Boys room and then headed out into the open area with many sculpted busts.  This is my favourite - a harpy, whose name escapes me.  
Not the sort of woman you would go home to with a burst pay packet, eh?

Then today it was back home.  Is Nibbles still in his cage.  Check.  Yep, the half brick is still in place.  No escapee hamster this time.

And then, it was 2pm and time to go to the school to uplift our filthy, dirty little children after 5 joyous days at Castle Toward

And here he is.  All pants worn.  All socks worn.  Soap untroubled by water though.

Truthfully? We were all delighted to see each other for nearly a full 60 minutes.

I hope that you have had a marvellous 5 days while you were all stuck in my pocket.  Incidentally, choosing a thin linen jacket to wear for the full 5 days to Glasgow was foolhardy in the extreme as the whip-end of Hurricane Irene blustered her way through Scotland. I was so wet and miserable, I had to be led AWAY from the duffle coat section in Debenhams, weeping.

As Billy Connolly says, there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

Whatcha been up to this week? Do share!


  1. I love this. This is the Glasgow I know and love. Rain and all. Where was your very posh flat? I want to stay there!

    I went to work and went to two different music nights at Dave's local. Not a bad week!

  2. This looks amazing .. I love the accommodation looks like you had a wonderful time xx

  3. No no no Ali - you're destroying all my Taggart fantasies! I want a crack den full of addicts and an evil Slumlord pacing about outside. NOT THIS SUMPTUOUS accommodation and pics of art galleries and universities. It does look like you had a really good time though. I love the Harpie - she'd look very nice in my mixed border. xxxx

  4. Looks fantastic - very posh accomodation - and your boys look lovely!

  5. LOL that Kelvingrove does look a bit spesh. I nearly went to Strathclyde University which is in Glasgow, isn't it ? but my mum thought it would be too rough LOL

  6. love your pics of Glasgow, i agree with Mrs Exeter, not how I imagine Glasgow at all; I was shocked at your lack of a warm coat (that is the Mummy in me talking!) xx

  7. *sigh* it takes me back.

    Illicit fags behind the Art Gallery, strolls through Kelvingrove Park, alcoholic semi-random meanderings along Gibson St., looking for the perfect/hottest curry.

    Great time, great times.

    Well done you on your Glasgow trip, the accomodation looks 'real magic' and the display of the ships in glass boxes is to die for. I can rememember when the ship models were still in the Art Galleries. I once spent about 2 hours staring at the model of HMS Hood.
    Great time, great times.

  8. Dear Alison, beautiful piccies - so glad you had a lovely break with Tartarus. I always thought I would be saying, "sorry, would you please repeat that?" in Glasgow but given that is what I do here all day long, I would feel quite at home. Sonshine looked very happy to see you - nothing like returning with tales of adventures. love Lindaxxx

  9. Great photo essay Ms Cross.

    The friends of mine who can't wait to check their phones always cause me a little disappointment, as if the night isn't good enough. But I suppose they're young and that's normal for them.

  10. It looks lovely. I would love to go to Glasgow someday.

  11. Now you see, Ali, I consider the wrong clothes to be ample justification for shopping! Tartarus got the Transport Museum, you should have had your day in Debenhams - fair's fair! ;)

  12. Glasgow looks lovely, I've never been but it is on my list - I think you know that I was on hols - took the wrong clothes though - being British I expect the worse so only about a quarter of my stuff was suitable for temperatures which never dropped below 25 (even at night) and none of them were capable of keeping the mozzies at bay - 40 bites and counting, still itching now back home x

  13. Great photos Ali, and a wee shot of Tertarus. He's a handsome lad. After a week of sailing in the puget sound, I am now paying for it stuck up on the top of 30 ft scaffolding installing hardieboard soffits. Karma in action.


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