1 Apr 2011

Hestia undertakes...the handwriting challenge

As completed by Christina and Fanny Pinkleton


  • Your name
  • Your url
  • The quick yada, yada, yada
  • Your favourite quote
  • Favourite track
  • And something else......
Note - I doodle on everything - there is a doodle for a client's website and also an eye that I doodled whilst my mum told me about her recent holiday with not-my-boyfriend-Ron.


  1. You have beautiful writing, Ali! I'm an eye doodler too, what on earth does it mean? xxx

  2. I must do this .. I will tomorrow ..
    I am also a doodler xx

  3. Dear Ali, your writing is lovely! I'll send help, come to London!! xx

  4. My writing varies hugely but I have noticed that biro is almost always bad. Pencil and proper ink seem to make it quite legible :D

  5. Ania - I am very keen on using a pencil. Proper ink results in just the kind of hand-smudged mess you might imagine a lefty would produce :-)

    Perdita - thank you for the blog award! How very kind of you ;-D I shall get my post completed asap and get the leetle award logo up here!

    Christina - send quails eggs and some Giles frocks....

    Wildernesschic - have you done it yet?!

    Vix - we might be fixated on being watched apparently. I think they are windows to the soul, so maybe we're ultra deep and introspective :-) Have a great holiday btw!

    SB - show us your doodles!! love ya back ;-D

    Ali x


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