7 Apr 2011

Hestia...... and Edinburgh (in pictures)

Carnaptious menfolk and sulky moments aside.  Edinburgh was great.  Here it is:

The lounge, as styled by Sonshine (and Big Bunny)
Flat was £85 per night and included secure underground parking.

Sonshine's twin room - it was never as tidy as this again for the duration of our sojourn

The bedroom of a Domestic Goddess - ours never looked this tidy again either actually.

Another angle - includes en suite door and wardrobes - bed was massive - 2 singles 'zipped' together.
Strongly recommend it for an uninterrupted night's kip
The view.  Yeah, ignore the electricity box things and urban wasteland in foreground.
Large blue boat thing in distance is The Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh zoo - sealion - a guy who doesn't give a fuck about his weight.  The sealion, that is.
I may have been the only person in the zoo thinking that this bird would make a lovely hat.

[ family photo removed - explanation of which in next blog post]

Family photo - take a good look - that's as close to a smile as you are going to get off Tartarus and is the only photo that I can leave up here for a few days.

Unbelievably, up at the top of the zoo, we bumped into one of Sonshine's teachers and her family.
It's a small world.  Well, a very small country at any rate.

Four adorable little squirrel monkeys all having a kip.  I have memories of being snapped in Scarborough by a street photographer who had one of these little guys.  It was a long time ago and I didn't know it was cruel *innocent child face*
All queued up to watch the penguin parade.  There were only 4 penguins in it as the others are all sitting on eggs and squirting shit at each other.  I took a film.  Very short.  Must see how to load it up.....
Spotted this firm of lawyers in the Grassmarket.  Loved the name :-)  Am hoping that the lawyer's first name is Verity ;-)

Sonshine models his waggly tooth (note: now out!)
Mercifully a bogle-free nose (highly unusual)

Edinburgh panorama from Castle Ramparts - right above the Dog Cemetery. 
Honestly - so windy it blew the earring right out of my ear.

Getting ready to set off the 1 0'clock Gun.  Sonshine nearly shit himself when it boomed out.
Was hugely disappointed to learn that no live ammo is used 
in this daily time-keeping ritual in Edinburgh. 
Might I suggest that if they DO start using live ammo, they aim the gun at the Edinburgh Parliament?

Sonshine and Hestia get on their knees in St Margaret's Chapel at the Castle and wonder whether they could nick the silver.

So now we're back home and it already seems like a dream 
(albeit one with a couple of nightmarish sections)


  1. Glad you got some enjoyment out of the trip.
    After your last few posts I kept checking the UK news for articles on
    "Edinburgh Defenestration"
    "Scottish Family Horror"
    or even
    "Man Smashed with Kitchen Aid, 'I got mixed up' said wife"

    Nice photos, even if they are of Embra (speaking as a good Glaswegian)

    BTW You can tell Sonshine that I used to be an officer in the Regiment that fires the One O'Clock gun at Royal Salutes, and I actually got on the gun crew once. We all wanted to use live rounds as well, but more directed towards Holyrood, 'cause the Parliament hadn't been built yet.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time, I thought Tartarus was a toy boy not a grown man - you mentioned him buying bits for computer games didn't you? I think Edinburgh is lovely, I went once for a flying visit over Hogmany but stayed out of town, then again to pick up the Orient Express to Oban and had an amazing stay at the Witchery (take a toy boy there if you get chance!)

  3. Dearest Ali, I'm still laughing at Mrs P's comment re Tartarus being a toy boy! Love it.

    The sealion and those monkeys! Adorable xx

  4. i'd be a sealion any day. they just sit around and bark all day... come to think of it, perhaps i already am. there are enough foldy bits on my mid-section to prove that point.

    i don't get penguins (in the wild, i mean) - they live in horrific conditions with only one imperative: make more penguins, so they too can live in horrific conditions and make more penguins. god, why?!!!

  5. Your flat is properly swank!

    Looks like you had fun.

  6. Love the idea of Verity Good.

    That cloche hat is wonderful isn't it.
    I'm deffo going to get my mits on one of those

  7. the little monkeys are too cute....animals are sweet too....loved my first trip to Edinburgh last summer, glad you had a jolly time!!

  8. YaH - I thought of you as we sauntered up The Royal Mile. I was trying to experience it as if I'd never seen it before. The old town houses are quite spectacular!

    Mrs Make Do - I usually end up wearing a skip cap during the summer and was determined to get something that looked a bit more sophisticated.

    LM - it did what it was supposed to do - provide somewhere to crash out and relax. With food and a DVD player :-) And more than one loo is essential when travelling with Sonshine and Tartarus.

    Polish Chick - Penguins are just about my most favourite thing. But boy, do they stink!

    Christina - am still reeling from the toyboy comment myself lol!

    Mrs P - Tartarus doesn't look like it but he IS my toyboy. By a couple of months. He looks like he's got a bit of a tummy thing going on with that T-shirt, but he's really not in bad shape for a crabby old guy :-)

    TSB - It's his birthday tomorrow (Sunday) so stabbing or bludgeoning to death with a kitchenaid is on the back burners...for the time being.


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