15 Apr 2011

Hestia.....and the differences between us

Guess which bedside cabinet belongs to Tartarus and which one belongs to me?

Now you have a greater understanding of just why he gets quite frustrated with me on the tidiness stakes. Put it this way, I daren't take a picture of my cabinet with the door open.  I would DIE of book-related shame......oh the squalor! the piles and heaps of things that were due back at the library WEEKS ago....

What about your own bedside cabinets? What could they tell me about you?

Have a super weekend, dear reader ;-D


  1. I don't have a cabinet - just the floor under the bed. Luckily the comments thingie won't allow me to post photos :-)

    BUT, since I got me a Kindle (I know, I thought it was sacrilege too at first) the pile hasn't grown any further.

  2. Yours is FAR more interesting!

    I don't have a bedside table as such. It's more of a mass of books (part of my to-read pile) that is level with the top of the mattress. I really need to read through some of them before the pile spreads and I can't get into bed any more.

  3. M's is empty on the shelves but piled high with books at the top as he cannot bear to let them be doubel stacked on our bookcases.

    Mine is filled with everything, jewellery, books, lotions and potions, a dress in a box (needs to be stored flat), boxes of letters from M and others, contact lenses, spare specs, sunglasses, various wires, and a pair of hair straighteners. This is after I cleaned it up. I may need to try again.

    I think mine says I don't have a very big house, and so does M's. That or we have too much stuff.

  4. That is a very precarious pile! He'd much rather have you well-read and interesting than tidy and empty-minded, surely?

  5. We don't have bedside cabinets Mr TNMA just leaves piles of books on the floor beside the bed and on the windowsill. Mind you, I leave piles of magazines and newspapers lying around the flat so can't complain.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. mine's piled high with unread novels and full of faded note books .....and out of date condoms.....happy weekend!!x

  7. HA! Looks just like Mr D and me. But my side is also covered in clothes all over the floor x

  8. ok....you are REALLY tidy. Imagine...
    bedside cabinet hidden under layers of costume jewellery and books.
    In front and to the side...books, papers and a lot more books.
    Foot of bed...books & clothes, cant get into wardrobe because of......merino wool for felting & balls of wool for knitting.
    Dotted around the room....more books
    *sheesh* I need a clearout...you are TIDY! *lol* xx

  9. There's not much room between the bed and the wall on the side Mrs Legend sleeps, so she has a small basket turned on iots end. Not much room to put anything. However, the rest of the room is fair game, and every available space is covered in clothes, magazines, shoes, jewelry and fluff. My little table has a clock on it, a night light, and a bunch of odds and ends in transit from pockets emptied at night, that may or may not get to their final destination for a day or two. Make that a week or two

  10. Dave's would tell you that he doesn't like fiction very much (he has 6 books there, there are all about music or politics), and that he clearly doesn't know what a laundry basket is for- though you would know that from the three days worth of his clothes beside it).

    Mine would tell you that I read a lot (my bedside table is infact a pile of reference books, and has a pile of fiction book on it) that I have well maintained hands (tube of crabtree & evelyn cream) and that I like organisation (books ordered by size and perfectly straight, hand cream, a bobble and my contacts pod in a wee beaded basket).

  11. Hestia, I just love this post, find it fascinating, you have hit on brilliant way of finding out what people are really like, and I have read all the comments with great interest proving what a nosey old perv I probably am! Job applications should require candid photo of bedside arrangements, perhaps taken by PI with telephoto lens; just playing for time here before admitting that my bedside table always has a half drunk glass of water, a light coating of dust and if I have been really decadent, a cold cup of tea...never any sign of my reading glasses which turn out to be left in the loo or in the fridge...latest book being read is also nowhere to be seen.....in drawer numerous hand lotions left from the Great Handcare Phase of 2010, headache pills and some hilarious cooling strip things which look like sanitary towels which you stick on your head if you have headache, does not help headache but gets a laugh every time from Mr B and emphasises general state of martyrdom..under table entire stock of local library; on Mr B's side nothing except his clock radio which fails to get me out of bed as I lie there listening to news forgetting to get up, lots of tissues for manly nose blowing and back copies of the Sat Telegraph Motoring Section as Mr B believes every word ever written by Honest John, some chap who answers readers' letters....i am so impressed with your book tower, does it ever collapse?

  12. Does Tartarus just not like books?
    I'm afraid my bedside cabinet is like yours
    *Looks closely at picture. Thinks. Is that a screwed up paper handkerchief sitting on a pair of knickers? No. Not possible*

    I am impressed however. Your books have much less dust on them, and they're still actually ON the bedside table. Mine tend to fall off a lot.

  13. Well actually I think I'm pretty lucky in that both bedside tables are covered in books, magazines, kindles, things found in pockets... But yeah, I could definitely give you a run for your money in the untidy department.

  14. Dear Ali, that's very funny. It's not that bad...

    I wish you lived nearer, I'd come round and life laundry you. Maybe I should jump on a plane... no idea how to get to Bute??

    I just hide things and shift stuff around. The Actor doesn't like to see heaps piled up. I move the piles of DVD's and books I accumulate during the week into the spare room before he arrives. Then sling all the face creams and potions in a large hat box under the bed. It took him years to make me part with my magazines, it's a constant battle. That and the overflowing wardrobe.

    Have a good weekend.

    We must catch up on the phone next week. Let me know when you're free. Love C xx

  15. This seems to be the natural order of things - its a similar situation here. Mr Exeter has a clock radio (awful, but a fathers day present from decades ago), and whatever thrilling volume he is perusing (one at a time!), usually a text book for yet another pilot exam.

    On my side there'll be a pesto jar with a twig in it that I thought was beautiful (its not), several tatty paperbacks, Vogue, 25 Beautiful Homes (I'll be the judge of that!), lipbalm, handcream, notepad and pen and a dusting of dog hairs from shaking the duvet.

    On a good day :)

  16. I have a pile of cookbooks and a mirror. His Lordship has...the entire spare room! It's like a man-cave. Saves mess round the rest of the house though.

  17. My beside cabinet is messy with books and notepads and colouring books(?) and magazines....I attribute this to pure laziness when it comes to reading in bed.

  18. What an great insight into our hidden worlds! My side has a lamp that's not plugged in, the phone (which is, just in case I'm called to work in the middle of the night) my current tome and various items moonlighting as bookmarks (photos, receipts, piece of string ...)my alarm clock (dratted thing) oh, and when I'm in bed, my glasses, which I need to put on to answer the phone!!
    I daren't look too closely at P's side; it's scary.

  19. MLB - ah the joy of temporary bookmarks!

    Tegan - colouring books? What are you colouring?

    Perdita - a few of these are cookbooks too. But I don't actually COOK ;-)

    Mrs Exeter - I need to know more about the twig in the pesto jar.....

    Christina - I think if you came to Life Laundry me I would end up sitting in the bathroom, hunched up on the pan, hyperventilating into a brown paper bag. I'd need to hire a team of cleaners before you arrived! To get to Bute, from Teh Lahndan - you'd fly to Glasgow Airport and then be picked up by me. Driven down the M8 motorway, through Greenock until we rolled to a standstill at Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal. Catch the boat. Get off on Bute, drive five minutes to my house and then open the gin :-)

    Implausible Yarn - things found in pockets! That's a good one to remember for a meme!

    TSB - he does like books. But he likes them like his thoughts, just one at a time and to be read thoroughly, no skipping over the boring bits. He can remember the plots from books, but not the covers. This is why we have three biographies (identical) on Joey Dunlop.

    Blighty - when book tower collapses, that is the signal for Tidy Up Time and it all gets whittled down to a single book. But give it a week or so....and the Leaning Tower of Rothesay is back in place ;-)

    LM - I bet you you beaded the wee basket yourself, right? And there is nothing wrong with having nice hands! :-D

    Legend - I haven't photographed the rest of the room - it's a bit shambolic. Mrs Legend HAS had to put up with a leaky roof, so I think you need to let her off with the clothes and stuff lying around ;-D

    Sage - you are a domestic slut ;-)

    Penny D - I bet yours looks uber-chic though!

    YaH - I am frightened to ask whether the out of date condoms are still pristine *wide staring eyes*

    TNMA - that sounds very civilised!

    Trashsparkle - nope, he'd like me to be tidy and empty headed I think!

    Siobhan - love the new avatar btw! I think that your pile of stuff sounds very 'necessary' so it's not that you've got too much.

    Alex - I just shuffle the pile around until I find something that suits my mood, do you?

    Di - I can't believe you've got a kindle! Whabout all the millions of BOOKS???! Where'd they go?!

    Thanks chaps - the contents of your bedroom cabinets has been very entertaining (and enlightening, I might add lol!)

    Ali x


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