9 Apr 2011

Hestia....gets a Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Perdita's Pursuits for giving Hestia this exceptionally cute little award which is for blogs with under 300 followers.

It makes me insanely happy to receive these little logos.

The rules of the award are that you should pass the award on to a handful of blogs with under 300 followers and provide a link back to the person who awarded it to you.

Before I start, I have to say that some of you don't have a gizmo that lets me see how many followers you have, so those blogs weren't counted.  Anyway, I now have my long frock on and my tiara pinned in place:

I award this ultra-sweet little logo to these other blogs which have under 300 followers:

Legend in his own lunchtime


How The Hell Does This Work

4 A Girl's Guide to Turning 50

5  Why Miss Jones

6  Trashsparkle 

I would also make special mention of Tired Dad whose blog has reduced me to tears today.  He usually makes me pee myself laughing - do read him!

Finally, I would strongly recommend that you take a peek at the Blogging Gods on the right of m'blog, they're all great and worth reading ;-)

Thank you very much again to Perdita for the award :-)

Ali x


  1. thank you so much for the award ....... and for your lovely words.....am hyper-excited and refusing all solids till after touch down, my travelling companion has a body to be reckoned with!! x

  2. An award?

    Pour Moi?

    Nobody's ever given me an awaed before.

    *breaks down in tears, wipes nose on sleeve*

    Thak you so much.

    I want to thank my beloved with putting up with the Machine from Satan in the corner of our living room.

    I want to thank my readers that put up with my grumpiness.

    I want to thank all of those lovely girls in bikinis.

    Thank you all, but special thanks to Ali x from Hestia's Larder. A constant gem in the blog world.

  3. ooooh, thank you Ali! Finding your name on a list is a bit like playing pass-the-parcel; are you going to get the parcel when the music stops, then when you do.... blimey, how lovely, panic, what do I do now?! or is that just me??
    So, thank you very mucho for including me - I am definitely well under the 300 mark - so its lovely to be on your list. Just give me a week or two while I work out how to paste it on t'blog...x

  4. Thanks Ali, You've brightened up another dull day (but then you always brighten my days).
    I'm still on Vashon by the way, but heading homeward in May, and will probably have time to visit.xo

  5. I wanna be a witchy bitch.... just sayin'.... not remotely apropos of this post btw....
    And, now I;m here, I'm gonna wander around a bit... :) xxxx

  6. Exmoorjane - nice to see you! Where do you find the time to wander around blogs, Mrs?!

    Legend - Are you bringing Legend Junior over with you? Would be excellent to meet up!

    Trashsparkle - use the 'picture' widget, load up the piccy and off you go!

    TSB - Swithered about putting warning sign re the tits and bums over at yours lol! :-)

    YaH - you'll have an absolute blast! You are so brave to go! I admire you enormously for it and hope that some of your chutzpah will rub off on me ;-)

    Ali x

  7. Wow, thank you. I never win anything! You've made my day. xxx

  8. I'm a wee bit uncertain about this Leibster Blog thingy. Am I now supposed to pick another 5 blogs with less than 300 followers and award them?

    I'm confused.
    I haven't even had my whisky yet.

  9. OOh, thank you so much for this award, very kind of you indeed, sorry it has taken me so long to call round for it - I've been away on a minibreak, you know, (tosses hair and tries to look all cosmopolitan but just cricks neck, and decides to celebrate by slapping on the nit lotion as head worryingly itchy...)


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