23 Jul 2012

Hestia and...the Scottish Summer

So, Tartarus got home last Saturday.  And he disappeared back to work yesterday.  So much for us managing to grab a family holiday....

He was home early because the ship that he has worked on for the past decade has just been sold.  He checked out all his work/leave stuff and said that he had quite a few days in hand.....but when he contacted his company on the Monday, they already had plans for him to work on another ship in Sweden.


It's not a lot of fun having a partner in the merchant navy.  You can plan nothing.  Not even your own wedding is safe from the vagaries of the Delayed Pay-Off.  *martyr face*

It also means that Sonshine is moping around with a face like a wet Monday morning.  Mainly because it IS a wet Monday morning.  Wet and miserable.

But on Friday there was an expanse of blue sky.  It was mild.  It was a day for getting into the garden.

I don't have a lot that flowers at this time of the year - but here's a clematis

Here are my blueberries.  It's a Mexican Standoff between me and the blackbirds.

I ventured into the greenhouse - there's nothing there but a vine and a couple of fruit trees.
The vine has clearly gone bonkers.

Look, the vine has reached the far away bed in the greenhouse.
And as you can see, there isn't a bloody grape to be seen.

I have a dwarf peach.  And I thin it religiously, but this branch I neglected to thin properly.
And now it has snapped off.  Fruit has been taken into house to ripen next to bananas.

After a couple of hours, the greenhouse is looking ok.
And I can see my white jasmine-scented clematis - look, it reaches for miles!

The view the other way is still a bit shit.
on the left hand side, you can see the dwaf peach and next to it...

....well that huge thing is supposed to be a dwarf apricot - but not only does it grow like a weed, it never produces any flowers.  It's coming out this year.

And look at the bloody bindweed coming in the back window.
And the big fern over at the right hand side.

I don't have green fingers

and on that note....

The knitting has ground to a standstill because I have done a row wrongly and when I tried to pick it back to where the mistake was - like THE BEGINNING OF THE ROW.

Clearly I am not a gardener nor a knitter.

Suggestions as to what I MIGHT be good at will be most welcome......


  1. Cakes :-) And perseverance :-)

  2. You're a brilliant blogger :D

  3. Anyone who manages to coach a peach out of your climate deserves to be called a gardener. The knitting... not so sure :)

  4. I agree with Looby. Your peaches are gorgeous!

  5. dude, look at those peaches! and yes, you're a damn good blogger, so there.

  6. You're not too bad at writing ;)
    But seriously, you don't seem like such a bad gardener either!

  7. And Tarotist, and web designer, and mother, and friend.
    Sod the knitting.

  8. You're a great Mother, Wife, Confidant and Cook.
    You write brilliantly and have a nucely judged sense of humour.

    Don't worry about not having green fingers..that's normally the first sign of gangrene.

  9. The whole Merchant Navy situation SUCKS ASS. I hope Sonshine is less glum, and I hope you are enjoying the now-lovely weather.

    You are good at blogging. And pep talks. And parenting.


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