13 Jul 2012

Hestia and.... Friday 13th

Don't let that graceful exterior fool you.
These are crappers of Olympian proportions.
Last night, whilst watching a most interesting programme on the Beeb about The Men Who Made Us Fat (whilst eating a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer and a mug of milky coffee, can I just add), I was also pootering around on itunes.

I downloaded a Nightstand app, which basically gives you a snazzy alarm clock.  How to waken up tomorrow morning?  What could be more pleasant than being gently roused by the distant peal of  chiming Church Bells?

I set it all up.  I knit a couple of rows. Fix my knitting mistakes.  Go to sleep.

This morning I am woken by a cacophony of noise. I have forgotten about the Nightstand app and am deafened by the cheerful peel of bells at 7.30am. 

I realise that I have neglected to work out how to turn the bloody thing off.

Throwing the ipad across the room is not an option.  I jab at at the screen until the bells fall into silence.

My head is reeling.  It is not yet 8am.  It is Friday The Thirteenth.

So, how has it gone for you, dear reader?

Here's how my day shaped up:


Been rudely awoken by church bells at 7.30am.
My favourite kitchen knife snapping in two when I attempt to cut a banana.
The unfortunate bare-foot-in-sandal discovery that a swan can shit as impressively as a Great Dane.
That swan poop stinks worse than dog poop
The excavation of an ancient tray of samphire from the back of the fridge. Runny.  Stinky.
Realising that I'd left a line full of washing out ALL night.  Neighbourhood SHAME.


Going for coffee and home made pancakes to my Day Carer's house
The discovery that it is not too difficult to get swan poop off my sandal and foot.
That the dry-retching stopped pretty quickly
Being able to fix the ongoing mistakes in my knitting
Nice weather should dry off my washing again.

LAST MINUTE ENTRY FOR HIDEOUSNESS LIST...... Tartarus will be HOME TOMORROW after only a couple of weeks away.  Yes, his ship has been sold at last and he has stripped her bare of her baubles and jewels (well, the computer system anyway) and is bringing them home to Blighty.  Blighty the country, not Blighty the blogger.

I have less than 24 hours to turn this midden into a respectable family home.

Share your 13th Misery and Delight with me!


  1. Hideousness -- Wakened by thunder in the night. I got up.

    Wonderfulness -- Wakened by thunder in the night. I got up.

    That's it so far, but it is only 6 AM...

    1. Not a bad start to the day - and I love how your curse is also a blessing! Ali x

  2. Nancy Hendrickson13 July 2012 at 15:03

    Wonderfulness - my corporate client job is basically done. Invoice ready, just waiting for me to hit the SEND button.

    Hideous - well, as I pretty much always wake up about 5 (and getting damned sick of it), what I can say is: All is normal.

    Past hideous: When I was a teenager, my cousin and I ran around barefooted all the time. Grossness was stepping on a snail. Yech!

    1. Hope you've sent that e-mail invoice by now, Nancy! And stepping on a snail must rank right up there along with standing on swan poop!

      Ali x

  3. Hideousness
    Found I left the gate open for my newly created, deer fenced veggie garden and got wiped out.
    Crawled back into bed with Alex for a cuddle

    1. Oh no, Wally!!! Is everything lost for this year in the veggie garden?

      Mind you, I have a walled garden, but I still manage to produce next to nothing. i suspect that I will only produce a bumper crop of snails this year - sooooooo wet!

      And a cuddle with Alex - that sounds GREAT!

  4. All our Friday the 13th stuff seems to have happened on Friday the 30th, i.e. part of tree falling on house and air conditioner breaking when temps were over 100. Today has been quiet. Let's hope my son isn't eaten by a shark at the beach today. That could still happen.

    Geese poop is pretty gross too. I bet it is similar to swan's.

  5. Well, I got woken up by builders drilling something about two metres from my head! On the gorgeousness side, I met with a friend, and had some "quality time" with my Dear One ;) So, definitely more gorgeous than not: I think we should reclaim the number 13 as a good and auspicious number - thirteen moons etc.
    As for Tartarus, if he's only been gone a couple of weeks, how bad can it be?!? :D

  6. Hideousness
    Broke my toothbrush
    Found out I have gained a spare tyre
    Felt ill all day

    Got taken out for lunch
    Got ASOS box of joy (some of it fitted)
    Got lovely compliment from guy at work
    Cheered up a despondent student
    It was sunny for most of the day
    Got speakers so now can listen to music at work

    I think the gorgeousness won out

    I wish you good luck with the clean up x

  7. What kind of bananas do they sell you up there? :)

    Horribleness: a plank of the very fragile house of cards that is my finances came undone.

    Loveliness: the new girlfriend's email she sent last night after I'd gone to bed.

  8. I think you already read about my disastrous Friday and Saturday :/

  9. You've been nominated for another award - Inspiring Blogger <3

  10. Can I do mine a week late?

    Hideousness - Flu, 6.5 hours of travel, boss piling extra taskes onto me, completely oblivious to my ill.

    Loveliness - Start of the weekend and 9 days off(I have three left), got to go home.


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