25 Jul 2012

Hestia and...a shaft of sunlight

This morning it was sunny.  Really sunny.  Of course, it's not NOW, but for an hour or so, it felt like SUMMER was upon us.

I sat outside with a mug of tea in my jammies and dressing gown and contemplated life, the universe and everything...... but mainly the glint of red beneath some leaves on the far side of the garden.

Reader, I could not believe it - the blackbirds had left me some redcurrants!

Straight after breakfast, out I went with a couple of bowls and harvested my soft fruit.

Feast your eyes on the gorgeousness!!!!

Redcurrants and gooseberries!

I don't know whether to eat them or wear them in my ears!

And look what a blackbird poo has brought us - raspberries
It's worth letting him have the blueberries!

Some raspberries

Of course, you realise what this means, don't you?

I'll be making JAM.

Verily, abandon all faith, ye who enter that particular blog post when it happens.....


  1. I love raspberry jam - I make it not too set so that it is a little runny :D

  2. Ha, can't wait for the next jam installment :D Lovely berries!

  3. i never make jam because i somehow eat all the fruit. the only thing we do end up making is plum butter because i'm not a pig about plums.
    gorgeous - north americans are somewhat out of the loop with currants and gooseberries, so it's nice to see them beautifully represented in your blog. happy deliciousness!

  4. Ehhh... have you warned the Fire Department about your Jam-Making plans?

    Better safe than sorry.

  5. oooh I'm thinking summer pudding...!!!x

    1. I was just going to say the same thing! I made one the other day--it really is the no effort / fab results dessert.

  6. The weather has been great this week hasn't it? We've eaten out on the balcony twice (we call it the sitooterie). And get you harvesting soft fruit!

  7. I'd have stuffed the whole lot in my mouth and let the juice trickle out the side.


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