11 Aug 2011

Hestia and the Dog Show, Part II

And the heavens cracked and it did raineth for 40 days and 40 nights and God said: 'Yeah, verily, I will show these long-suffering farmers that they canst suffer a little more. And lo,  He decreed it Agricultural Show Day.

Our footwear of choice

Rotten weather utterly ruined attendance :-(
Show did not take place on a slope.  It's an ARTY camera angle.
All together now 'My lovely horse....'

How I actually viewed the horses 
Drookit judges and admin staff in the Flying Gazebo
The water is literally running out of my Aigle jacket.  Waterproof? Waterproof, My Arse.

Look closely - that is actual water in my hood (and the handloop for the camera.  And my wellies)

Weather was so bad that I had to send sonshine home before the dog show judging went ahead.  He's 11 - so hopefully Social Services will have more things to do with rioters than they have with stressed out judges in Dog Show Competitions.

How did it go?  I can tell you that Endless Rain + Paper + a biro = a lacy mess of illegible scribbling that was SO bad, all we can submit as results to the local paper are the Dog Show Trophy Winners (ie four of the 16 categories).

Still, it was marvellous fun.  Even if my jeans dyed my knickers blue.  And my knees were so cold that they were orange and purple.

I wonder if they'll ask me back next year.......


  1. With which spirit did you insulate yourself ? :-)

  2. Oh you can really call it rain when your underwear is cold water denim dyed! I was thinking of you! Good of you to send Sonshine home as he's too young for the 1/2 bot of Bells you need to get over something like this :)

    I bet the dogs had great fun thanks to you - and that horse? He obviously needs a trip to the horse dentist!

  3. Mrs E - I would love to say that I had a wee hip flask in my back pocket, but it was only a packet of Polo Mints that I had. Might have a snifter now though....

    Viv - *piously* just the Holy Spirit...of St Barbara of Woodhouse and the Blessed Cesar of Milan :-)

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  5. "My Lovely Horse" is my all-time favorite song.

  6. You are a saint for not staying home with the fire lit. We ducked out of the lakeside picnic and went to the local for tea (steak and kidney pudding and a couple of glasses of red)x

  7. this = every event in Scotland I have ever been to.

  8. My Lovely Horse just cracked me up!
    What a wash-out. Hope you've got the dye out of your knickers. x

  9. another lovely summer's day...time to pack...everyone to the beach!!x

  10. I think we need to rustle up some better jackets and outerwear for you Ms Cross. There's a time and a place for your knickers to get damp and an Agricultural Show is not it.

  11. Ahh, the sound of feet squelching in your wellies. These country shows aren't much fun unless you are up to your knees in clarts. xx

  12. hehehe that sounds about right!

    The next dog show will be easier..promise.

    And of course it was raining...it was an agricultural show...daaahlink, dems de RULES!! summer & show = buckets of rain..usually helped along the day before to make the ground extra special soggy (although not as soggy as my spare room carpet on the Friday...thats another story)

    Dead proud of you...you did it :) xx


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