19 Aug 2011

Hestia's Harvest

....yeah, it's pretty meagre, isn't it?  For someone with a polytunnel the size of HMS Belfast AND a greenhouse.

Today I harvested this:

That's a bowl of strawberries to you non-gardening types....

And this.....

Them's kerrits... two thereof.

I cannot tell a lie.  What you see above is their ACTUAL size.

No, it's not a lemon the size of a child's head.  My carrots are PATHETIC

Still, as every gardener says, there's always next year.....


  1. Ha ha, the carrots are rather funny. However you are doing better that me. I managed to kill off all my tomato plants & lettuces before they were more than shoots. Strawberries though - home gown yumminess oooh envy!! xx

  2. The strawberries look delicious, but perhaps the carrots need a little longer in the ground?!?

  3. I bet they taste lovely though, nothing like home grown produce, no matter how ugly!

  4. Oh Ali, your results are about as spectacular as ours. The only winner this year is the blackberries, which are wild and we never planted in the first place. x

  5. If you were counting on the carrots for Nibbles .... don't ;-)

  6. Oh, so that's what strawberries look like. The deer got all of ours.
    Does the carrots' mommy know they are out?

  7. Well those strawbs look divinely tasty and you should call those carrots 'thinnings' as I'm sure Monty Don would on tv. Its been a funny old year, though, hot and dry early on, and pretty cold since June. Dare I ask what is growing in your polytunnel? The national grid have noted a 24hrr surge in your area!

  8. Och, it's a learning curve. ONE DAY you'll have a polytunnel filled to the brim.

    And if not there's always the Co-op :)

  9. Your carrots are lovely. Small is beautiful (as I always told my ex).

  10. brilliant!

    Good job I wasnt drinking wine when I saw those carrots...wine n keyboards dont mix ;)

    You want bronze fennel Im yer gal...my herb garden doth overflow...and I got some goosegogs and blackcurrants, but thats about it this year.

    Well done for even getting 2 carrotlings


  11. Maybe you planted a species of dwarf carrot without realising? A belated happy 45th! And the Mary Portas shoes will be available to buy online at Clarks and House of Fraser - in October, I think.

  12. I am sure you will get tons of nutrients out of the carrots if you don't overcook them x

  13. Actually, I've just had a look and the Mary & Clarks shoes are available online now!

  14. Sorry I meant to say available on the Clarks website now!

  15. The carrots look tasty,not very filling though:(

  16. NS - they were tasty; for the nanosecond that they were in my mouth lol!

    Mrs TNMA - checked out the website, they're not available yet lol!

    Mrs P - just bit the carrots off the green stuff and fed the green stuff to Nibbles.

    Sage - bronze fennel sounds nice. I did have lots of berries, but the goosegogs ripened when we weren't looking and then the rain got them. And the blackbirds.

    Looby - they were small and beautiful. I am hoping that next time I go out they will be slightly larger and even more beautiful!

    LM- I already pretend that much of the Co-op's finest produce is my own. But don't tell TArtarus or he'll burn the polytunnel down!

    Mrs E! *mock appalled at your suggestion as to what I might be growing in my polytunnel* ROFPML! I can't manage a carrot. My weed crop is literally dandelions, man ;-)

    Legend - don't say that! Those babies were tasty!

    Viv - he got the carrot tops!

    Vix - it's funny that, isn't it? The wild stuff does great and the cultivated stuff CRIES LIKE A GIRL.

    Mrs Fab - beautifully tasty. Just not enough of it!

    Inner Whispers - yes, you're right, but they've had MONTHS in there to grow *impatient face*

    Butterfly - tomato plants are doing ok, but not a single ripe tom yet :-(

    Thanks guys - am all enthused for next year - have bought a polytunnel gardening book. Stand back Monty Don, your number is up!



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