13 Aug 2011

Hestia...is another year older

Woke up this morning to yet more rain....

And these:

Card from Sonshine - not as squat as this, edited it in Blogger software
And this small fat card is the result

Can you click on it to see what he wrote?
Mad me get all teary-eyed, lemme tell you.

And from my Evil Twins.....

A GORGEOUS Tarot Bag from Ania M and a diet-sabotage duo
of Chocolate and Cake books from Viv

Thank you!!!!!!

So far, despite the rain, it's my best birthday EVER :-D


  1. Sonshine's card and money is very sweet. Have a happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Bless Sonshine's cotton socks - give him a little hair-ruffle from me.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Awwwww what a lovely lovely boy Sonshine is, definitely a credit to you. Happy Birthday lovely lady xxx

  4. Awwww - what a sweet chap your Sonshine is. Happy Birthday!!! Have a fab day. ps what does Sonshine know about you and Mark Ryan??? xx

  5. Well seeing as how you have a Kitchen Aid, I wanted to give you reason to use it ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday lovely. He gave you 'all the money he has'! That's quite kind in a child :) The card is swank too :)

  7. Happy Birthday Ali, the card from Sonshine is adorable and he gave you his pocket money! What a sweetie. Have a fabulous Birthday weekend.

    Sorry have not been around much, commenting or blogging am hoping to catch up with everybody and start blogging again soon.

  8. Dear Alison, Sonshine always lives up to his name! To give you all he has is to give you a fortune. I hope you enjoy the rainy day snuggling him reading that Australian cookbook! Happy birthday, dear Alison! love Lindaxxx

  9. happy birthday, you gorgeous thing!

  10. Happy Birthday Ali, hope it's a good one. Lesley x

  11. Happy Birthday! Gonna hop over to FB and say it there too! x

  12. Happy Birthday, Ali, glad it's been a good one. And what's this about skyping Mark Ryan so much that Sonshine asks you to cease and desist?? Curiosity is on fire now ;)

  13. oh thank you soooo much one and all! The Mark Ryan thing is business only, so don't worry that Tartarus is about to be ousted by a Transformer :-)

    The issue is that we tend to skype from about 10pm, maybe for an hour. Which is 2pm his time, but after 2 hours, I am comatose over my keyboard because it's midnight. He's a very lovely man and very good at what he does. No paparazzi needs to bug my phone lines :-)

    Had a really lovely day in DUNOON! And got a promisary note for 4 chickens from my Day Carer and her hubby, now all I need to get is their lodgings. And a food dish adn water dish. And food. And grit. And woodshavings for them to poop in, /Yep, this will be the most expensive half dozen eggs in history!

    Thank you all soooo much. Means a lot to read your good wishes!

    Ali x

  14. Sounds like you had a lovely day, fantastic card from Sonshine and lovely message - not to mention the cake (I can't get my icing that smooth). Happy Birthday - didnt realise we were fellow Leos for me it means animal print madness and big hair x

  15. Belated happy birthday wishes from me! Sonshine is so adorable. Hope you spent it wisely ;-)

  16. Belated Happy Birthday - Sonshine is clearly wonderful - best. card. ever.

  17. Im missed your birthday :( (was knee deep in water and totally forgot)

    Hope it was the fabbiest one ever..and that card....tea jerker or WHAT??

    S xx

  18. Hi S - how are you doing up there? Things drying out?

    Siobhan - thank you!

    Alex - not spent it yet!

    Mrs P - hope your Leo hair looks better than mine!

  19. Happy belated Birthday AliX

    Sonshine is a little angel.

    Curious there's no mention of Tartarus's gift.

    Was it too fantastic to mention???
    *purses lips in Caledonian Condemnation*


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