26 Aug 2011

Swifts, being, erm, swift
I went out for a joggy walk the other day (not quite a jog, not quite a walk) and took myself off up to the local park.

I puffed my way down Lovers' Walk, keeping my eyes peeled for dog poop as the path wended its way along the side of the little stream.  I reached the end of the Walk and gratefully hung over the wooden hand-rail, as is my wont, to get my breath back.

How beautiful and still it is over the cricket and shinty pitches, I thought.  Early morning dew gleamed like abandoned diamonds in the shivering grass.

I listened for the familiar 'sweeee'  of the swifts as they swooped in to pick up insects from the grass

Nothing.  Not a sweee to be heard, there was nothing darting over the pitches, only whistling young seagulls flapping past - on their ungainly way to rip open bin bags, no doubt.

I walked to the bottom of the steps and stood on the path, the early morning sun casting long cool shadows; I stood for ages: looking, listening (getting my breath back).

The swifts were gone.

I picked up the pace and ran all the way home, my lungs burning and my side aching.

Summer was officially over.

And you know what that means.

AW11 is officially here.

And I haven't got a thing to wear.


  1. Oooh Ali, you give good metaphor! Amo ff on holiday on Sunday, so I am not even thinking about AW11.

  2. what's the AW11? what does one wear? should i be dusting off my ball gown or polishing up my bomb suit? do tell!

  3. Polish Chick - this is ma point - I haz not a CLUE what I should be looking for in the charity shops here. I'm thinking that crimpolene and elasticated waistband trousers that smell slightly of pee are still OUT, so am very limited.

    I think - according to the fast track research I was doing this avo - gorgeous gothic, vintage, 70s, monochrome are IN. But *voice rising to mock hysteria* I don't have any KEY PIECES!!!!!! I am going to dress like Matt Baker for EVER *sobs pathetically*

    Dash - bet you you just naturally HAVE AW11 stylee. Have fablas holibags btw!

    Am DEPENDING on fashion types tipping up here to tell me what's what.....*uncorks wine, pours herself a large one*

    Ali x

  4. I heard JLo was spotted in granny pants, so maybe you're sorted, lol! I haz even less of a clue, and I livz in Lahndan - pathe.......tic ;)

  5. I think a good oldfashioned jumper might be a plan. Synthetic & of a pea green color, natch ;-)

  6. Nooo! I refuse to believe the summer's over, I've still got another festival to go to.
    Beautiful and captivating writing, Ali.
    I'll be wearing the same as I always do. A long coat is the best plan, you can wear any old thing underneath, just don't take it off if you get invited anywhere.
    Have a fab weekend, my dear! xxx

  7. Living a mere three miles from you I noticed the same thing. One day all the Swifts and Swallows were out and then the next day one solitary bird wheeling round the yard as if looking for them all. It's really quite depressing as you know what's coming next...you can tell from my comment AW11 isn't applying as much to me! (How sad)

  8. Oh I've got loads to wear! My tights and cardi collection is most impressive, even if I do say so myself. It's summer I can't cope with. I always seem to be under or over dressed and never quite right.

  9. Do you know I hadn't noticed that ours had gone! They were definitely here mid week and now there is not a sign, plus I thought about putting the heating on last night (then I remembered how much oil costs). Today though it is really typical bank holiday weekend weather ie rain, rain and more rain, so I think maybe a fire and an old film is the order of the day. Clothes - wear what suits you of course! x

  10. Mrs P - oh a fire and an old film, a perfect Sunday afternoon!

    Alex - you look fab whatever the season, missy!

    Ruth - I hate when they go. It means *starts singing like Glen Campbell* it's over, it's over, it's ooooooover!

    Vix - I love how you're always out at festivals having a great time. I iz a bit jealous!

    Viv - do you know now many green jumpers I've got?! Well, they're not GREEN exactly, they're CHARTREUSE *coughs*

    Inner Whispers - J-lo in granny pants?! Things are looking up for me afterall *air punches*

    Ali x

  11. I can only echo the Polish Chick. what is AW11?

    I deduce it's something for which one needs a sharp wardrobe. I got a great yellow and brown fine check shirt in British Heart Foundation yesterday for 3.99. Will they let me in?

  12. I've been reading all the September issues (still in the shops) and planning my AW11 wardrobe methodically. Even though where I work is NOT an art college everyone thinks it is and the staff and students often veer towards the stylish so I work very hard to look me but not too sloppy. Its annoying but I am glad they make me up my game. Main looks: colour blocking again, stars, jewel colours as ever, boyish tailoring, ladylike elegance and seventies is still in (praise be for that).

    But yes. Autumn is my favourite season but the changing seasons does always incite wardrobe panic!

  13. I stand corrected, last night I was outside and heard them twittering under the eaves of a neighbours garage - one solitary family - all the others have gone, I hope these can find their way back to their winter retreat!

  14. Looby - AW11 is THE name for the current fashion season. I used to think it was a London post code *shrug* I live in Scotland, what can I say?

    Mrs P - I thought I saw a few the other day, but there was absolutely NOTHING this morning. They've been having chicks so late in the season, some of them might really struggle to make it back to the heat ;-(

    Siobhan - I iz hugely impressed!


  15. Ehhm....slightly confused.
    Speaking as a poor guy, WTF is AW11?
    Arctic Warfare II?
    Ailing Willy 11"?
    Another Winter 11
    Another Wrinkle (Number 11)?

    And just to put you in an even better mood.

    Spring in NZ has sprung. The sky is blue, the lambs are gamboling in the fields, the wind is getting warm, and we've got 6 pregnant teenagers at school.
    Summer is almost here.
    Go the All Blacks®

  16. PS.

    I really miss the Swifts and Swallows of the Scottish Summer.

    Nothing like them. So evocative.

    Just like chilled Irn Bru and an Oyster Ice Cream.


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