28 Mar 2011

Hestia is...one year old

M'blog is one year old!

A heart-felt thank you to anyone who reads my postings - from my splenetic neighbour rage re bins and fly-tipping to the mixed joys of sharing one's life with a little ray of Sonshine and Tartarus, a creature from the darkest pit of hell, or Airdrie as it is sometimes referred.

Thank you for taking the time to post comments. They make my day and often make me pee myself laughing (see: loose pelvic floor) or snort a spatter of cornflakes onto the monitor.

Tartarus asked me a while back: 'Why do you bother with blogging?' 

My response was: 'Well, it it was either this or get a gun.

I still might get the gun.

But why DO I bother with blogging? 

I love to read other people's blogs.  There are blogs that give me a peek into lives that are so far removed from mine we might as well be living on different planets; there are blogs that make me laugh out loud or snivel into my dressing-gown sleeves. 

But mostly, other people's blogs reassure me that I'm not the only weirdo out here in charge of a child and car keys.

Here's to another12 months of  being quite disgraceful together *clinks champagne flutes with m'reader*



  1. Happy Birthday and as we Poles say "Sto Lat" (hundred years, as in may you continue for) :)

  2. Thanks so much Ania - Sto Lat? Is that not a city in the Discworld?

    Ali x

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to your blog! I remember finding you, whilst I was browsing online,fighting an urge to impulse buy stuff I really didn't need - needless to say, your posts were so funny and engrossing I completely forgot about the buying! Here's to many more posts about frozen toilets, wooden spoons and hamster poo...! xx

  4. Happy blog birthday Ali darling!

    If you didn't blog, I wouldn't have met you, and that would have been very sad. Reason enough I think.

    I am so glad you write - your writing is both lovely and very amusing and so very much you.

  5. It is indeed, Ali. Made me chuckle when first I saw that :D
    Forgot to mention that I love your blog - makes me feel quite...umm...sane LOL

  6. Here's to the next year! I love you and your blog, Ali. You never fail to make me laugh. xxx

  7. Happy Blogaversary Ali, your blog is utterly fantastic and always has me snorting with laughter, the blog world would be a much duller place without you.

    Clink clink

  8. Congratulations on your First Blogging Anniversary, your summary of reasons for blogging really hits a chord with me! xx

  9. a happy happy birthday to you!! x

  10. Happy Birthday .. I must say your blog enriches the blogashpere for me xx

  11. oh happy day! glad to have found you!

    and yes, sto lat indeed. i always wondered if the discworld name was deliberate but how could it be anything but? then again, there's a native people on vancouver island called the sto-lo so perhaps he was inspired by the whole polish-indian fusion thing.

  12. Happy Birthday Hestia, no other blog makes me laugh like yours - keep writing!

  13. Happy BlogBirthday Hestia. My goodness, has it only been a year? You write in a very mature style, and I didn't realise you were such an innocent young thing.

    Here's to many more amusing encounters on your wonderful blog. *glug, glug* *sound of draining whisky bottle by the neck*

    Airdrie? No wonder he's so comfortable working in third world conditions.

  14. Ali -

    I have read your blog from day one! Commiserated with you, cheered you on, laughed hystericly ... all of those things and more. We see a bit of ourselves in you, and, for me, I wish that I was a bit more like Hestia!

    Blog on! We will be here to read, comment, cheer and generally act up a bit!


  15. I'm so glad you blog and I'm so glad I found your blog! Happy blogiversary. Also might I mention that I'm still shocked that my State allowed me to pass my drivers test all those years ago?

  16. I blog (albeit sporadically) for pretty much the same reason as you - I'm nosy. I like to read about other people's lives and I feel that I should make an effort in return, it's just part of the deal. I'm definitely not keeping up my end of the bargain lately but I plan to work on it. Just make sure you keep going on your end because your blogs make me piss myself. For the good reasons, you understand.

  17. Happy Blogday! :) Just discovered your blog today- what a lovely surprise, it's superb!

  18. Happy blog-birthday Alison!

  19. Happy Birthday!

    I can't believe it's only been a year, I thought you'd been blogging forever. Here's to lots of interesting stuff happening in the next year to make your blogging easy.

  20. A year?? A WHOLE YEAR?? Doesn't time fly when you're having fun :)

    Happy Birthday Hestia...I've loved each and every posting. And yes...some of them have made me snort all over the keyboard, although its rarely cornflakes and usually a glass of good old red.

    Keep it up petal...life would be SOOO boring without your tales of home, hellish bins and hairdos.

    I'd bring you a cake..but it would be eaten by the time I got there ;)

  21. What everyone else said, with knobs on.
    I'm glad I found you.xxoo

  22. Happy Birthday to your brilliant blog. Your cheer up my day.

    "But mostly, other people's blogs reassure me that I'm not the only weirdo out here in charge of a child and car keys." Genius.

    Love you Ali xxx

  23. Thank you all so much - very kind of you. I think I might need to change my blogger theme though, it's supposed to be small floating candles (ie worship) but I might see if I can find a nice new theme to celebrate surviving 12 months in the blogosphere :-)

    Ali xxxxxxxxx


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