7 Apr 2010

In which we bake.....

Like a woman marooned, I have lost count of how many days into the Easter holidays we are now.  Not enough to see school bouncing towards me on the horizon like a big orange RNLI boat to rescue me anyways.

Although I am suffering (details perhaps in another post, not this one because this one involves food)  I decided to take a good friend's advice and do a spot of baking with my sonshine.

'You can choose any cake-like thing from any of my cookery books,' says I airily, hoping for something tasty from Nigella, Sophie or Delia to snack upon whilst having a cup of afternoon tea.  Instead his beady gaze alights on the P4/5 Cookery book - created by his classmates just before Easter and purchased by proud mothers everywhere -  and the Chocolate Marshmallow Cake.

100 g butter
300g  Rich Tea Biscuits (1 packet)
100 g marshmallows
25 g cocoa powder (just used hot chocolate powder)
50 g plain chocolate
50g white chocolate

Melt butter, marshmallows and cocoa powder in a pot.  Batter the biscuits to bits in plastic bag then add to mixture.  Tip mixture into a loaf tin lined with cling film.  refrigerate for about 2 hours and then turn out.  Melt the chocolate separately over pans of boiling water (don't let water touch chocolate!)  Create lovely swirly patterns of white and dark chocolate by artistic use of toothpick.

Lick bowl - obviously.....

Sadly for us, the white chocolate just melted into a huge blob of white mush (to be fair, it was probably about the same age as Kevin, but treated with a lot less respect) so our covering was purely dark chocolate.

There is not one redeeming calorific feature in this cake, other than the fact it makes a small boy VERY happy for an hour or so.


  1. LOL he looks very happy :-) Good job, Mum :-)

  2. It looks great - marhsmallows and chocolate, yum!

    Both son and son's cookery book are very cute!

  3. Ali - As the others commented - son looks happy, the cake looks and sounds great (I love to great those light/dark chocolate swirley patterns!), and the white choc is appropriately RIP, and out of your cupboard!

    Cake and tea this afternoon! :)

  4. I think the whole thing could be livened up by the addition of some dried fruit - raisins or cherries or something.

    And maybe a Mars bar melted to help with the gunky holding-biscuits-together trick.

    My pancreas is screaming for mercy and I've only had one slice :-)

    Ali x


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