26 Apr 2010

In which Hestia gets a bit of a Twitter shock.....

Twitter very kindly keeps a running tally of the number of tweets one has made.  Next month, I'll've been tweeting for a year (not as Hestia, it must be said).

I've made about 9,300 postings - most of them original (ie not RTs).

This led me, in an idle, anal moment, to work out how many keystrikes that is - assuming 140 characters per tweet.......1,302,000.


In another strange mathmatical moment, I wondered how many words that might be....taking your average word as being about five letters.

This is what shocked me..............over 260,400.  That's a  novel's worth.  Heck, that's several novels' worth.

Granted, they are not all great literature.  'Back from jog. Am totally shagged out' is hardly going to set the literary world alight, but ....... 260,400 words....well......that's EPIC.

What shocks me is that for the entire year, I've never put pen to paper to actually write anything of note - other than blogs and reviews - but look what I could have achieved if I had TRIED! 

I could have written nearly HALF the Bible for God's sakes.


Worse. I opted to find out how much time I had spent on Twitter making all these keystrokes.  There is an API for this (of course!) called Tweetwaster.  Assuming I spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet I've spent 278,910 Seconds or 4,649 Minutes or 77.48 Hours or 3.23 Days using Twitter!

If I spent 3.23 days on something useful and important, I could have changed the world by now - or at the very least, factored in some light housework. 

Twitter users beware........


  1. Ali -

    Twitter is not only a social network, it is a mental health avenue, so time there is never wasted. ;-)

    I want to review the book when it comes out!


  2. Another way to look at it: the information you provided and the connections you made with people and for people could have had meaningful results for them that you're not aware of - so maybe the time was actually spent doing something useful and important. Never underestimate how a small act on your part has a significant impact for someone else.

  3. Bonnie - mental health avenue! Love it :-)

    Anastasia - this is true. The whole point of that Twitter account is to raise the TABI profile and attract new members. That has definitely happened! I like what you say about a small act can have a significant impact for someone else :-)



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