24 Apr 2010

Hestia's Manifesto

This poster is something else that @indiaknight tweeted about.  What can I say? The woman is a genius for sniffing out fablas things.

So far I've killed the telly - not intentional.  Now when I need my fix of murder, mayhem and gardening I have to take up residence in the LEGO strewn hell-hole that is Sonshine's playroom.

It gets worse.

There is something wrong with the Sky 'eye' there and when we need to change channel, Sonshine has to be dispatched to the  front room to aim the zapper at the Sky box and then listen for me shouting through (In manner of The Golden Shot): "up one, up one, up one....try TV guide....OK - Channel 275...275....ok, come back sweetie!".  It's not ideal and means that I spend most of my time watching BBC2.

This poster pretty much encapsulates what I'd write for my own manifesto - other than the Kazoo thing.

What would you write for yours?

This poster is hand-printed and costs £22 from Ardvaarkonsea where you can find other great hand-printed posters. I think it was THIS  shop that India linked to which has the most fantastic 'ARSE' poster too.

Maybe we should all have our OWN Manifestos printed out and pinned to the wall?

Oh - and here's the Arse poster for you to enjoy too.


  1. Ali -

    Adore the arse poster! The script is so lovely - you have to laugh when you realize what it is all about! ;-)


  2. I love this, and I agree with all of it except killing my TV. How would I watch Come Dine with Me? I might buy it to go next to my 'Make us a brew' poster!

  3. Meant to say, I love the new look Ali! x

  4. "Fablas" is the best word I have heard in over three months. Can I borrow it?

  5. Bonnie - If I can't get that on a tea-towel in the next couple of months, I might DIE.

    LM - killing telly was not intentional, may have Wii-ed it to death.

    Non-working Monkey (brilliant name btw) - use to heart's content ;-)


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