29 Apr 2010

Hestia says: Smile: It's all allergies and soily ball-bags today

No offence to any German readers, but this makes me chortle every time I watch it.

This clip has both parts of the episode where the bumbling RAF pilots are in the prison camp.

Hope it makes you smile.

Ali x


  1. I absolutely love these characters. This is the one that really makes me ROFPMSL every time

  2. Ali -

    I wish they had done this without the laugh track - but it is funny! I am former US Army myself, which makes it even funnier to me! ;-)

    Bonnie (Who is staying way away from the allergies!)

  3. ania - love that Gay Bar skit! The airmen are GENIUS thought ;-)

    Here's the one where Armstrong has lost a leg. Brilliant http://bit.ly/d4adeW

    Bonnie - go to youtube and check out Armstrong and Miller RAF pilots to see the rest of the skits.

    Keep smiling :-)

    Ali x

    PS - this comment is the same as the one I just deleted, but I'd written 'lots a leg' instead of 'lost a leg'. Random, as the airmen might say ;-)

  4. Loved your comment on mine. Love name of yours too - devoted a whole chapter to Hestia in a book once...long time ago. Off to browse more now.


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