9 Feb 2014

Hestia and Some Blummin Awkward Shapes

No, dear Reader, I have not taken up interpretative dance and tried to throw a few shapes on the dance floor.  I have been at a day-long workshop on Cutting Awkward Shapes in glass and it was fantastic.

There was minimal use of elastoplasts.

Very little swearing.


So let me set the scene.  There is a lot of this.....

And this....

And here is my corner of the work bench....

Clear glass is a bugger to photograph.
There are 1cm wide clear glass stringers on the wooden board.
Trust me, they're there.

I haz cut out a birdy shape, yes I haz!

An hour-glass shaped bit of glass.

I give you the Maltese Cross!!

 You start off with your cartoon beneath your bit of glass....
And you start by making a nice, firm, single run at one of those deep curves.
Then you put in other cuts (as per dotted lines) to take the stress off the glass.
And nibble away at them until you get this:

If I were a dog with two dicks, I could not be more pleased with myself!

Of course, it doesn't ALL go to plan - 4mm glass is tricky to cut a circle and a disc from.
*whispers* There was a slight swear leakage at this point.

How to cut laminated glass - involves spirits and flames!!
Photo does not do the flames justice.  We were squeaking with excitement, reader!

A colleague cutting a circle for a design that she's doing at Evening Class.

So, there were circles, flames, blood, mild swearing, curves and even a bit of cake.
Cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday!


  1. "Blood, mild swearing, curves and even a bit of cake" -- thought you'd found a particularly genteel S&M club for a minute.

  2. Replies
    1. Fanks - I worked very hard and have now lost the wee cross. Mercury retrograde's a bastard :-D

  3. How wonderful! Well done. Sounds hard and looks like you've mastered it!

    1. Think that I have many years - and many more classes to do, but I do feel a lot more confident about tackling odd shapes now :-)

  4. Sounds absolutely amazing! And I'm very impressed, especially with your birdy. As for the swear leakage, I'm sure everyone understood :D

    1. I hope they weren't offended, but it was REALLY frustrating getting sooooo far through a tricky shape and then one wrong tap and it was completely fuc....broken :-D

  5. I look forward to seeing lots of exotically shaped glass output :)

    1. Wait until I get to the copper foiling!!!! you'll all be getting glass tree decorations for your Christmas. And birthday. And house-warming etc

  6. my admiration knows no bounds....you deserve cake!!x

    1. I do rather, don't I? Have been treating myself a little too much with cake *wobbles belly appreciatively*

  7. Teach me when I come to visit

    1. I think that I'm still a loooong way off showing anyone else how to do this lol!

  8. Ooooh. I might hace a project for you, with your mad glasswork Skillz!

    1. ooooh that sounds mega interesting! Can't wait to hear what your projekt is!


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