26 Feb 2014

Hestia's New Squeeze - Tom Hiddleston

All other Favourite Men lists are temporarily suspended while I indulge my addiction to the divine Tom Hiddleston:

I first fell in love with Mr H in his role as Captain Nicholls in War Horse.  Only watch the next clip if you've seen it before.  And make sure you have a hankie ready - all that golden corn, all those young men.  What a waste of a generation.  But the movie also had another darling in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.  I seem to be moving towards the slightly slighter gentleman as I am 'maturing'......

Anyway, to more upbeat roles.  He is the scene-stealing slightly fey Loki in the Marvell Avengers series.  Makes his brother Thor look like an utter twat, imo.

Here he is being Loki, but with the kids from Comedy Central:

And here he is being a baddy in the Jaguar advert (oh, be still, my beating heart!)

But he does very serious stuffs too - Coriolanus (I think I might faint clean away if I ever get to see this)

So - go on, share! Who is your current favourite squeeze on screen?


  1. So finally you've given Hugh up because of his odd nose ;-)

  2. funny thing, the older i get, the more pedestrian and predictable my tastes in men seem to get. i used to like them odd and intelligent (well. i still do…BUT) and now? well, a bit of brawn and muscle wouldn't go amiss. i don't know if this is menopause, or what?!

    i'm currently swooning over "intelligence" and josh holloway (of "lost" fame) because the combination of those dimples and those muscles makes me weak in the knees. silly, silly woman, me. but hey, being over 40 does NOT mean being dead. am i right?

  3. Fiona Bruce,
    I would do her washing anyday

  4. off to see him in Only Lovers Left Alive tomorrow!!x

  5. I don't think I've seen anything with Tom Hiddleston in it, but he seems to be turning up everywhere! My latest celebrity crushes are John Simms, Michael Fassbender, and Benedict Cumberbatch.


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