27 Feb 2014

Hestia is...never googling herself again

NEVER Google yourself, dagnabbit!!

And if the accent is too impenetrable for you on THAT one,
here's Steeleye Span.  With Lyrics.

I'd much rather be a recalcitrant domestic goddess than the ugly old witch.
I'll ask Tartarus and Sonshine what they think.

On the up side:  I has a SONG WITH MY NAME ON IT!!!!

I am also a film director AND a director of Sport.

There is more chance of hell freezing over than me being associated with anything sporty.
Other than Spice.

What do you get when you self-google?!


  1. nothing but my linkedin account. how dull. i guess that's the joy of having an odd name.

    1. Better your linkedin account than some hideous folk song :-D

  2. Lots of coolness. Naturellement ;-)

    1. Well of course. Like there could ever be anything uncool associated with my favourite cat!!

  3. The "other" wally Bell is/was a famous Baseball umpire. He is now pushing up baseball turf, so now it is only meeeeeeee.
    We do that song too and we dedicate it to you everytime we play it.xx

    1. Do you really?! Next time you and Kat do it (or whomever it is that you are working with) get someone to video it on their phone for me!!!!!!

      *all hugely cheered up*

  4. When I google for myself, it would appear I got married on 28th September.


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