22 Oct 2012

Where's Hestia?

So this is us, Standing Up To Cancer in the town centre. We each paid at least a pound to take part in the photo. I am in there.  Somewhere.  So, take THAT cancer, we are SO going to whup your ass!

Have you done any fun fund-raising to help a charity? Do tell!

PS - I WAS going to put a big arrow to myself in the photo.  But now I can't find myself either :-)


  1. My eyes are too bad, I'll take your word for it :-)

  2. "We all paid at least a pound"

    Guess the country? :)

    Seriously though, well done and good luck to everyone.

  3. Have you seen a new fund-raising thing for some Swedish scientists who say they have a way to whup cancer? Details here: http://www.indiegogo.com/icancervirus

  4. What a wonderful idea; thank you for participating!

    Most fun charity thing? I'd have to say that making pillows for children who are sick, injured, or who have been the victim of...or are exposed to...domestic violence. Even a teen will hug a pillow without shame.

  5. I dressed up as Superman and collected money on the streets of London with M who was also dressed as Superman - there were lots of us all dressed as Superman - we made it into OK magazine. It was organised by M's work

  6. Cool! From the size of the crowd, it looks like a decent amount of pounds was raised! I recently participated in a "Day of Caring"--the name just begs mockery. The day itself involved landscaping at a local school that is suffering because it's forced to take twice the number of children it can hold since another local school was destroyed in an earthquake. It was very hard work and I came away with a shocking realization of my own feebleness.


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