12 Oct 2012

Hestia's Minibreak - Part 2

So - some photos of the mini break.

This is a cinema, entirely devoid of people other than myself and Sonshine.  I prefer to call it a 'personal screening'.  And no, we STILL didn't sit in the expensive leather seats.

Paranormal:  review - a bit weird.  If you liked Coraline, you'll like this.

Sonshine on a slide.  Yeah, I know.  He's somewhere off to the left.  Look, I never claimed to be Robert Capa.....

This is a buffalo, not a bison.  How do I know? You can wash your hands in a bison

*boom tish*  eyethankewe

Took millions of pictures of animals soaking up the sun at the Safari park.  I kept rolling the window down to take the pix, much to Sonshine's  utter embarrassment.

Well, when was the last time you heard about anyone chased by a bison that was laying about like this?

Meerkats.  Just because they're meerkats, ok?

 This is my new favourite place - Cup Tea Lounge in Renfield Street, Glasgow.  It has the most glorious tiled interior. And the afternoon tea is delicious!
 Cupcakes. Just because.  Possibly nicer than meerkats.
 Tea - all sorts of different teas, glorious!
 The family room at the Grand Central Hotel.  It was wonderful except we forgot to close the window and spent the whole night being awoken by drunk emotional Glaswegians and squeaky fan belts!

Entirely my fault!
 This is a chandelier in the hotel. It must be the biggest chandelier in Europe!  It goes from ground floor right up to 4th floor!

Tartarus calls them chandelabras.  Don't ask.  You should hear what he calls a museum.....

The corridor to our room.  That tiny red dot is Sonshine.

I know.  I thought of Jack Nicholson as well.

That's it alllllll over.  Back to the grind!


  1. LOL that place is huge. Weren't you cold with the window open ??

    1. No - it was triple glazed or something and we had only closed the outer window. But I thought that Sonshine had closed the whole thing. Before we went to bed, I checked HIS window because I thought everything was a bit loud, but didn't check the one next to me. And I should have. You should have seen his face the next morning when we realised lol!

  2. At least no one offered you a Glesca kiss? Btw, those buffalo can jump 10 ft. fences from a dead standstill AND they are grumpier than.....than......TSB with a feminine appliance stuck to his, erm, short hairs.

  3. No hairy Glaswegians in the safari park then?

  4. I must say, Ali, that i thoroughly enjoyed your vacation - from the very start, since you posted about Google map! People like you should be sponsored to travel because they take all of us with them for the ride! xxxx

  5. Did you mean ParaNorman? If so, I took DD to see that last week and we quite enjoyed it :)

    1. Is it me, or has that meerkat got and enormous penis?

  6. sounds like you and sonshine had an excellent adventure!!x

  7. It looks great - I am excited by the tea.

    I want to see Paranorman - might do it soon - spurred on by that review!

  8. Ah, Glesca, the centre of Scottish culture.


    Tell Red Dot he's scary.


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