22 Mar 2012

Hestia and Tartarus

So, yesterday Tartarus whisked me away to one of my favourite eateries - The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. The drive to the restaurant is through Darkest Argyll, which is really very beautiful.

Indeed the Lochs glittered in the unaccustomed Spring sunshine like Liberace's smile as we twisted our way through the tiny villages en route.

Of course, by the time I remembered to take a photo of my main course, it was securely resting in my tummy. I got the starter pictured though - all those lovely oysters!  Grilled with pancetta, parmesan and cream.....*drools*

My main course was herring in four different marinades.  Actually, much nicer than it sounds, but I'll be burping fishy burps for DAYS.

It was entirely delicious - so score levels:  Nice Tartarus 1:  Annoying Tartarus 0

I have been trying to go out jogging and getting a mile under my belt every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday wasn't so good because it was so cold that when I came home I had a migraine.  Can a migraine be a sports-related injury?

I am also still at the power-hooping at least once a week.

I asked Tartarus whether he had noticed any sort of difference in me since I started trying to get fit for being 50 (next year!).  And he said:  'Yes, when you bend over, your waist doesn't become one with your arse any more.'

I THINK that's a compliment.  It's hard to tell with him some days.

Score:  Nice Tartarus now 2: Annoying Tartarus 0

He went to a track day on Sunday and had a whale of a time, throwing the Subaru into corners and basically frightening the bejesus of anyone in front of him.  He got to have a go in someone's TR7.  That made his day.

Breathless with excitement, he told me about another Subaru that he'd seen.  Almost the same as his.  The owner of the other Subaru and Tartarus had got talking and Tartarus was bemoaning the fact that 'my partner at the time wouldn't let me have gold wheel trims because she said that they made the car look like it belonged to a Triad gang member.'

I fixed him with a steely stare: 'You said what?'

He repeated it, his eyes doing that furtive fuck-i've-fucked-up-and-i-don't-know-what-ive-done look.

You told him that 'your partner AT THE TIME' said that?  *I* was your partner at the time and, as far as I'm aware (the hypothetical existence of Consuela and Jesus notwithstanding), I'm STILL your partner. AM I??? AM I still your partner??? Or has there been someone else slotted in, that I don't know about?'

Tartarus shifted anxiously from one butt cheek to the other.  Squirming.

'You're MAD,' he announced.

But he didn't exactly DENY it, did he?

Nice Tartarus 2:  Annoying Tartarus - last minute late own goal....... 7

Annoying Tartarus wins the day.

Never forget, in relationships, it takes only ONE bad thing to cancel out ALL the good things for about a week.

Especially if you are 'my partner at the time'.


  1. Replies
    1. Tartarus has dressed exactly the same way since 1976 - t-shirt (usually with a logo or cartoon) with a denim shirt over the top. Sometimes a fleece. I bought a beautiful shirt from the charity shop Tommy Hilfiger (I think) and he won't wear it because it is striped. And in shades of brown.

      *sigh* still, at least when we go shopping, he gets his clothes in about 10 minutes....


  2. Lovely food, and it's nice to see that Tartarus makes you happy.

    But what exactly has he done wrong?

    Has he mis-represented you?
    Were you his partner at that time?
    He told an exact version of reality, obligingly using a chronological referent to make the statement clearer.

    So why a score of -7?

    Poor Tartarus.

    1. I don't know. I'm hormonal. How would your wife like to hear herself referred to as 'my wife at that time'?

      Ask her and let me know what she says! :-D

      Ali x

    2. I did.

      I'm spending the night in the garage.


  3. Maybe you should try power hooping him!! Not sure what it is but it sounds painful ha ha xx Claire

  4. I'd score that Nice Tartarus 2 Wildly Over-Reacting Hestia 1

    I'd be far more worried that my partner, blatantly and in the presence of a third party, said he wanted gold wheel trims. Now that *would* cause an atmosphere.

  5. I'm with you.....if you have to explain it they'll never get it.... still you got herring and who doesn't love the herring!!x

  6. Glad you had a lovely meal - we had oysters recently too, it was goooood.

    Partner at the Time - ouch. I have no words.

  7. Still an oyster virgin and feeling the lack...
    Laughing a lot at TSB sleeping in the garage.
    I like the manly denim-shirted shot of Husban-at-the-time with the oysters. Think he's probably worth forgiving. As long as he grovels a bit. xxxx

  8. Oh no that is as bad as "my current wife" but you can make the most of it and reap the benefits - now is the time to push for that weekend away/new iPad/ new kitchen/insert current object of desire (in my case garden fence but then i am dead fancy) xx


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