16 Nov 2011

Hestia....and the rolling stones

In which I think I've tried to pass Charlie Watts. AND his drum kit

Some good news to start off with, the BT Engineer came TODAY a full 24 hours earlier than he was booked and told me that the issue was with the exchange, not me.  I now have a fully ringing phone YAY!

Next thing is that we haz mice again.  As soon as the temperature dips, everything that can force its tiny skull through the beautifully decorative air bricks in our basement comes in for a holiday. 

I discovered our visitors when I opened a drawer to remove the kitchen roll and discovered it in a lacy state very muck like Nibbles left the sitting room curtains.

A quick peep in the cupboard beneath the boiler showed thousands of miniscule poops and umpteen empty peanut shells from our Hallowe'en bowl.  Such is my household sluttery *shrug*. Ah well, better get the trap out, I spose.  Hate catching them, as you know, but I reckon that everything furry that lived in the garden is now living underneath the kitchen floor.  Got to be done.

The final thing is that I was at the docs again this morning.  Weeks ago (before Hallowe'en) I took a spectacularly SORE pain in my side while my friend was visiting, discussing the hula hooping.  The pain came on without warning and was so bad that I was hyperventilating and sweating and groaning on the sofa.

I took myself off to the loo to make myself sick so see if whatever it was might shift, but no.  I crawled back downstairs, my face the colour of old Wensleydale cheese and begged my friend to get my car keys and drive me up to the hospital.  Which you could hit from my house with a very long throw.

She suggested that I try to get my breathing under control before we left, which we did.

And then.  Suddenly.  The pain was gone.

Today was my appointment with my long-suffering docctor.  I relayed the event in gory detail and he announced that he was 100% sure that it was a gallstone that wafted from the wound site, down this tube and that it had got stuck as it tried to enter my gut.

'But my gallbladder's gone...' I said.

'Yes, but there can be all sorts of stuff in that tube after the surgery.  I'm pretty sure you've passed a gallstone.  Next time it happens, take painkillers and if it doesn't ease off in 20 minutes, come back up and we'll give you something stronger.

'NEXT TIME?????'

'It's quite a spectacular pain, isn't it?  One of the worst, apparently,' he said brightly.  'If it DOES happen again, we'll need to take a look and see what's going on in there.'

The pain certainly was spectacular, it bloody felt like Mick Jagger was trying to squeeze into my gut, never mind a piddly wee stone the size of a garden pea.


Pass the gin and tonic.

How has your day gone?


  1. I'm at the bank trying to set up a business account. I would rather have gall stones. At least, i could justify some heavy narcotics.

  2. You poor soul. Just after you think all is going to be better after the operation, this hits you.

    Have you offended any gods recently?
    Have you pissed of poor Kevin in the breadbox?
    Maybe Consuela is having a go with the wax doll and the hairpin.,

    Well done with BT BTW.

  3. Yikes, I guess someone should have prepared you for the possibility of gall stones even after having your gallbladder out. I'm glad your phone is working.

    My day is going to be all kinds of crap. It's raining, and I awoke to the sound of an ominous hissing coming from the pipes under the kitchen sink. Quick internet search reveals this is likely a costly leak that will involve ripping out floor boards. But I have to work at hateful job and can't sit around at home waiting for a plumber.

  4. Ouch! You'd think somebody would have warned you of further pain, wouldn't you? Bloody NHS, great for surgery but their aftercare is sorely lacking. x

  5. I wanted to get a pet mouse. Do you think I could just have one of your feral ones?

    Gallstones sound fucking awful *huge hugs*

    WELL. Today has mostly involved being hungover after yesterday's quite spirited Dr. Dave celebrations. But it is not often ones husband is made a doctor, so I shant complaint (I shall drink tea and not move from the sofa mostly).

  6. Oh no, that sounds awful, hope it doesn't happen again.
    My day? Sorting donations for the school Christmas fair (OK), sorting my Cupboard of Doom, repository of all the crap I can't put anywhere else and full to bursting (bad), and a PTA meeting (made bearable by a couple of pals going too and a couple of pints).
    At least your phone is working - that's good! xxxx

  7. Dear Alison, Gallstone pain is extraordinary and then it's over as if it never happened - I always wondered whether I had been overreacting until the next time it happened (rather like labour pains) and I remembered ah, no this is bad. Very bad luck having gallstones sans gall bladder - hopefully that was the last residual one. Those mice are just what you don't need after all this. Heaps of sympathy from me. Lindaxxx

  8. A friend of mine's got a kidney stone and he's got to have a little camera put up an appendage not normally used for hospital TV pictures.

    Eeeh, it's great when you're middleaged.

  9. Blimey.I feel your pain.I had a bit of an episode myself last week.One minute fine the next; room spinning, dizzy,feeling bilious,had to cling on the walls to walk.
    Thought I was having a stroke.. turns out I have labyrinthitis:(
    Hope the stone doesn't return x


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