22 Nov 2011

Hestia has....an odd Friday

Last Friday started off badly when I inadvertently inhaled my breakfast granola.  A tragic interplay between a ridiculous yoootyoob video and my filled spoon.  The mac's monitor was practically rough-cast by the time the coughing fit subsided.

The day further deteriorated when I spent at least 10 minutes trying to lick and stick an envelope whilst loudly berating myself for buying inexpensive stationery products.

Only to discover that I was licking the pull-off strip for a self-seal envelope.

No-one's perfect.

And yes, I do recall slagging off sonshine for doing something similar with a non-stick stamp.

I then sat down to endure the process of organising insurance for the mini.  I had kept a letter from mini that they'd sent me months ago in which they promised incredibly cheap insurance.  I congratulated myself for being uber-organised and phoned them to see if the deal was still on and, amazingly, it was.

Reader, we went through almost the entire registration process before I realised that it was only TYRE insurance and not insurance for the whole car.

Cue some embarassed back-pedalling from me and an undignified hang-up.

Mid morning I decided to wash all the dishes that were leaning precariously in the sink.  I don't know about you, but cleaning the inside of glasses has become fraught with danger.  I stuck my cloth down the inside of a glass, created some kind of pump action and squirted warm soapy water all down the front of my trousers.

Which wouldn't have been so bad in itself except, about a nanosecond after I'd done it,  the postman needed me to sign for a package and I greeted him at the front door looking as if I'd peed myself.  

He said nothing, but I could tell by his furtively averted gaze that that's what he was thinking.

I changed my trews and wafted off to town to post some letters, bank some cheques and footer around generally.

I got to The Boss's office and threw myself through the door with my best impersonation of Slim Whitman and a rousing chorus of 'Darling Happy Anniversaaaareeeeee' and proffering an anniversary card for him and his wife.

Only to be told that I was a month early.

And if it HAD been in November, I would have been three days late.

By the time 3pm rolled around I was face down in the keyboard, unable to string two sentences together and horribly behind on my national novel writing project (nanowrimo).

Was Mercury retrograde, I wondered.

No.  I didn't even have that excuse.

Sonshine came home from school, where it had been a Children in Need Day.  He was supposed to go to school dressed in spots, but I don't have anything spotty - not even socks.  Instead I'd sent him off with a small bag of stuff for the Bring And Buy sale with the strict instruction that, from HIS point of view, it was just a BRING sale.

'Well, what rubbish did you spend your money on this year?' I sighed, giving him a hug and simultaneously eyeing his bulging school bag.

'Something for you.' he said, raking around in his rucksack.

Proudly he produced a battered cardboard box....of Wall - E, my most favourite animated film EVER.  Any time we think about buying it, it's not in stock or Tartarus grumbles that it's too expensive or something.

And now my Sonshine had bought me a copy.  With his own money.  Technically, my money, but let's not quibble.

Suddenly, Friday was the BEST day in the world.

And Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow:  Stand by your beds for lost letters, forgetting to pay bills, misunderstandings by the cartload and the recording of football matches over your wedding video.  And it won't even be the right football match either.


  1. How to brighten up a bad day? You just need a little Sonshine :)

    Good luck with the Mercury Retrograde - how often do these buggers come around? Still smarting from the one over the summer when I lost both my computers *eek*

  2. I *love* that film ! Good job, Sonshine !

  3. What a lovely young man Sonshine is turning out to be. Give him plenty of cuddles.

    But for the astrological business, really?

    Oh my goodness, a planet's movement on the other side of the sun is going to effect my behaviour?
    I don't think so.

    A star system over 200 light years distant is going to effect my behaviour from birth.

    Please understnd Hestia dear, I'm not objecting to your beliefs, or your rights to hold whatever opinions you wish. But astrology?

    'Nuff said.

    Have a nice day with Sonshine

  4. TSB - juuuuuuuust you wait *nods knowingly at the computer screen* ;-)

    Viv - It's wunnerful!

    Inner Whispers - Mercury Rx ends on 3 December, cling on until then! Make regular back-ups of your essays!

    ali x

  5. oh bless.....I came home to the washing up done yesterday so it was a bit of a red-letter-moment and time to breakout the salty chocoolate for a sofa supper!!X

  6. YaH - salty chocolate? Tell me more about that. It sounds DEAD FANCY! Washing up done is still just a far-off dream. Like Disney Land (as I like to call Hugh Jackman)

    Ali x

  7. That's a lot of stuff gone wrong in one day. I didn't know there was such a thing as tire insurance. Who insures their TIRES? LOL.
    So Wall-e is a good movie? I've never seen it. Must check it out.

  8. This time of year there are an awful lot of days I wish I'd never got out of bed.... but then I don't have a lovely, thoughtful son to turn things around! Gorgeous boy - go and make him a cake! xxx

  9. Mrs E - he's not always terribly thoughtful, but he's always affectionate and I'll miss that when he's a moody teenager!

    Patience - please check it out. The main characters hardly say anything, but it's just wonderful. I cry EVERY time I watch it!

  10. What a fab child, you should be very proud. x

  11. Vix - believe me he is a bloody nuisance 99.9% of the time. But it only takes one tiny thing like buying me a dvd for 50p and I manage to forget about all the fights and slammed doors.

    Ali x

  12. Yep, kids can be the biggest pain in the arse but then they manage a little moment of gorgeousness that makes it all (well, most of it) worthwhile!
    Wall-E IS fabulous,, isn't it?
    Who knows if it's Mercury, retrograde or otherwise, or just life being odd/embarrassing/annoying/frustrating as it can be, at any time, for any of us? Funny to read about someone else's incidents of irritation and shame though, rather than just experiencing my own....!

  13. That is a lovely (and I do the same when washing glasses - water everywhere)

  14. Well done sonshine, you're a star! And yes, Ali, I did have one hell of day of mishaps yesterday, I was glad to get to bed. Lesley x

  15. Me & Tilly - you can stop being over careful on 3 December when it appears to travel forwards again ;-)

    Siobhan - thank God it's not just me then!

    PastCaring - It doesn't really matter whether Mercury looks to be going backwards or forwards to be honest, but it is very reassuring to say ' Ah, Mercury Retrograde' and blame the distant planets rather than one's own clumsy self.

    I was brushing my hair yesterday, brush caught on a hair tug and flipped out of my hands and straight down the toilet! Mercury Rx!!!

    Ali x

  16. i get the whole licking a peel-and-stick envelope. my friend crazy joan and i once frantically polled every single person on a fishing boat to see if they had a corkscrew or anything, ANYTHING, that could be used as such because the thought of 3 hours on a fishing boat sans wine was too horrible for words. finally, someone suggested we take a pen and push in the cork. when we set out to do it, we realised it was a twist off cap. duh.
    luckily, the wine dulled the embarrassment.


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